Video: Can Nintendo Win The Video Game War?

Reggie says processing power doesn’t matter, games are most-important, and more.

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romancer1959d ago

Game War?

Are Chevrolets at "war" with Fords?
Is a Kit Kat at "war" with a Mars Bar?
Are bananas at "war" with watermelons?

Competition in business (even cut-throat competition) does not justify using the word "war" casually and carelessly -- and inaccurately.

Nintendo serves its segment of the video game business quite satisfactorily; nothing more, or less. In terms of net revenue, Nintendo may well be more successful and solvent as a company than either Sony or Microsoft, but the video game industry as a whole is too diverse for any one company to satisfy everybody.

DivineAssault 1959d ago

Nintendo has to start making games that put that gamepad to good use! Also make some new IPs & sequels that are more than just in HD

Donnieboi1959d ago

Does Nintendo have the franchises to win? Yes!

Do they have the right administrative team to win? No.

Iwata and even Reggie don't do enough to entice gamers. They just sit back and expect money to fall on their laps. But the wii u doesn't have the gimmicky motion lure that pulled in casuals.

The Wii U's only chance now is with the hardcore. And THAT is going to take some hard work from Nintendo. But I don't care anymore. I'll care again when Iwata retires.

PopRocks3591958d ago

I don't see why you have so many disagrees. You do make a good point in that Iwata and Reggie don't provide the best PR to entice customers. In fact, lately all I've seen Reggie be good for is the "My body is ready" meme. Meanwhile PS4 has gained a ton of traction simply by Sony catering to gamers and having that spread through a combination of ads, articles and word of mouth.

The Wii U's future is really up in the air right now. I have no idea if Nintendo can preserve its lifespan over the generation. Hopefully they will do better next generation, assuming they don't systematically and significantly improve upon their console this generation.

Donnieboi1958d ago

True fans (like us) want more. We don't just sit on our thumbs and pretend that things are perfect.

Since it's July 4th, lemme use an example:

It's like the difference between a Patriot and a Nationalist. A Patriot expects better from his country and it's duty to look out for our best interests. A Nationalist on the other hand, follows blindly even if it is at the expence of the well-being of both the citizens and the law (or in the gamer sense--the well being of the customers and fans)

GrownUpGamer1959d ago

Seriously people... what war?

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The story is too old to be commented.