Killer is Dead Gets Release Date and “Launch Edition” in North America

XSeed Games just announced that Killer is Dead will be released in North America on August the 27th for both PS3 and Xbox 360, and will take $59.99 from the fans' wallets.

All launch copies will be upgraded to the special "Launch Edition" for free.

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matrixman921933d ago

nice...cant wait for more Suda craziness!

MartinB1051933d ago

Europe too please! Will buy Suda51 game day one. :)

ShaunCameron1933d ago

LMAO @ this.

<and will take $59.99 from the fans' wallets.>

madara0sama1933d ago

I was debating to wait for a price drop or not but this locked my pre-order in for good. Day 1 baby!