Games For The Hardcore Gamer

Hardcore gamers, it's time to put you to the test.

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Varzoth2118d ago

Was this article meant go be a joke? Because that puny list is insanely stupid. Angry Birds? The pet simulators? I am pretty sure those games would be classified as casual. Call of Duty is for kids and basically just twitch gaming.
So yeah more of a casual list

MoB212118d ago

Was this comment meant to be a joke? It was clearly a joke article....

FortKnight2115d ago

Uhm. Yeah. This article is pretty clearly satire. Read the opening line, even.

SpinalRemains1382118d ago

Star wars Kinect is pretty hardcore.

I burned 500 calories doing the cabbage patch with Yoda and Chewy last Tuesday. What a workout.

KillrateOmega2118d ago

Good 'ol satire articles XD