Naughty Dog Plans to Support The Last of Us Multiplayer "for a Long Time"

Considering that Naughty Dog is still supporting the Uncharted 3 multiplayer, thanks to the new F2P model, and The Last of Us has some multiplayer DLC in the works, expect Eric’s statement to hold true. - PSLS

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dbjj120882120d ago

Well there's a whole season pass, so I hope that means they'll have content for it.

JoGam2120d ago

Best Multiplayer in a long time. Refreshing.

Knushwood Butt2120d ago

Yeah, I'm really digging it.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

Great this shall influence their ps4 game in multiplayer.

Naughty Dog are my #1 and CDProjekt Red my #2.

TrendyGamers2120d ago

And I plan to play it for a long time.

Mr_Nuts2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

Well you guys have a load of issues to work out, I went into the game before thinking the connection issue was fixed then find theres a new one around where it goes to a black screen then jumps to the post game score/supplies round up. Dosn't help now that I'm doing a mission to fight off a huge Hunter attack (- 100% of my clan if I fail) only to have 2 days now removed, how am I supposed to get 25 kills in one game. It's not fair on the people who work their arses off on their clans.

Seriously...not to mention the ways the teams are handled are stupid. I've just had the opposite team filled with experienced players against my team which were full of newbies. That's Week 27, 16, 19, 54 players against me (week 5), week 1, 2 and another week 1 player.

Think you've already worked out that we were destroyed in that game. Why have it so you pick your faction why not just put people in random teams like in Uncharted.

WorldGamer2120d ago

I agree with you man, some of the matches seem unbalanced. I'm like a level 10 or 11, and they put my team which was composed of level 9 to 15 players against a team with mid to high 20s.
Needless to say, they killed up something horrible. The multiplayer is awesome, just wish there was a bit more effort into putting similar ranked people against each other.

That being said, the single player was phenomenal. I loved it.

Mr_Nuts2120d ago

Well I hope they get it fixed because despite how awesome ND are they are kind of known (on the forums at least) to change the stuff that DOES NOT need fixing and leaving the stuff which DOES need fixing.

Fil1012119d ago

I also have a few problems with hit detection, somtimes it's non exsistant, seriously I can be right next to the enemy (touching distance) and get nothing. Most of the time it's gd but every now and then I get it but i'm still loving the hell out of this game plus does anyone know if 13 is the max load out points ???

JoGam2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

Here are some tips......

1. This is not COD or BF3. Can not play it the same way.
2. Everyone on a squad needs a mic to communicate
3. Stay together at ALL times.
4. Always have two people healing.
5. If you can make new friends. But make sure they have mics and follow other tips.

Follow those tips and I promise you will win more games. I never won a game because how good I've done. All the game I won was because a group or team effort.

Mr_Nuts2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

Why did you post that to me

I never asked for help, I never said I was stuck, I never said I hated it because I can't win

I know all of that, I was stating the obvious bugs and balance issues with the game

Sorry but I don't understand, are you trying to say my comment looked like I was complaining because I "can't win" or something....because I never meant it like that

Knushwood Butt2120d ago

Is there any way to know what other roles your team have selected before a game?

I play Support, but obviously I wouldn't do if the other 3 players on my team had selected Support.

ShabbaRanks2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

I agree and disagree at the same time. Yes it might need team balancing, but if you want you can go in the (no parties lobby) so you won’t play against 4 friends. A other thing is you don’t need that many kills to get parts and supplies. Unless you have over 150survivors but again I doubt anybody can achieve that without boosting. The max I’ve gotten was 124 and boy it gets tough at that point.

I did unlock the skull mask yesterday and DAM I was so fu**ing happy lol. Anyway my point is, killing isn’t what rewards you the most. Reviving (people don’t do it enough, sometimes they see me and they don’t do SH*T), healing team mates, giving items and marking enemies give you a lot of points. Even simply crafting items gives you points.

JoGam2120d ago

Sorry, wasn't meant for you per say. Just General. Add me. Let play sometime. :-)

Mr_Nuts2120d ago

It's fine I just was a little confused

Inception2120d ago

I agree with team balanced. But sometimes i win a couple of match when my team mates lvl like 2, 3, or 4 week againts team with experienced players on lvl 16, 20, 25, or above. Well, it proved to me that higher lvl is not an automatic win against lower lvl on TloU MP.

VsAssassin2120d ago

I believe you have your game patched which means you can choose not to play against partied up players. Choose the (no party) option for Supply Raid or Survivor.

I know it's difficult to get the third level requirement for a mission. Given that you need to avoid 100% complete annihilation of your clan, my tip is to reserve the healing missions in your latter weeks as healing is easier and quickest to fulfill. Just keep healing your teammates and see your mission completed in just the 1st day.

About players with the shocking numerical figures beside their usernames: don't get scared right away; check their dots or asterisks count. If the enemy is at week 55 but without a single dot, then he might be not that good.

The system really needs to be tweaked I agree. The evening out of players based on levels needs work. The No Party option should your best bet if you're playing alone.

And if you can have a team with everyone using a headset, by all means!

Inception2120d ago

"About players with the shocking numerical figures beside their usernames: don't get scared right away; check their dots or asterisks count. If the enemy is at week 55 but without a single dot, then he might be not that good. "

Dots? You mean that dots / asterisks alongside number of weeks you have been through, like this 16*//? I had one dots (16 weeks) but i still don't understand what's that mean.

VsAssassin2119d ago

@Inception, the asterisks or dots represent the number of 12 weeks your successfully completed. So one dot/asterisk means you were able to finish 12 weeks.

I'm at my 21st week now and have one asterisk going 2.

Inception2119d ago

You mean, successfully completed 12 weeks with our clan survive?

VsAssassin2119d ago

@Inception, yes. Sorry for the confusing grammar. You need to survive 12 weeks with at least one clan member alive.

Inception2118d ago

Ok, thx for the info mate. Bubs up+ :)

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Sem1802119d ago

I have no issues, except for the laggers but that's not the fault of ND. I am now week 24, when i was week 1-10 i also got put up against week 20-60 i didn't care just deal with it and burn those mofo's with a molotov, shank em with a shiv and just quit whining about the unbalanceness because it only helps you get better quicker. Because when i had played 2/3 games against those high level people, i soon noticed that they weren't that good and i destroyed them.

To make a long story short: Quit whining, shank em, and maybe it's just your internet connection.

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THC CELL2120d ago

id like to see a capture the flag mode or cure whatever makes it good, or capture ellie yes yes something like fat princess where the girl follows instead of been picked up.

ALSO infected vs humans

Mr_Nuts2120d ago

They need a True Survival Mode

- Limit cap on listening mode

- No long guns on loadouts

- Only two boosters (no upgrades)

- No paid boosters

- No buying ammo/armour

- Long guns are randomly generated. Riffle/Box are common but the paid weapons you can buy will be rare to find (one per match)

It would make things way more tense in the game.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2120d ago

The multiplayer needs a lot of work. Conceptually it's perfectly fine. But Matchmaking is horrid. The game modes which are the equivalent to team death match and Search/Destroy get stale by the 3rd week.

I seriously hate it when I'm starting a mission and the match I get set up with is already near the end and the team I'm in is losing HEAVILY because some jackass decided to leave game.
Small shit like that, needs fixing. Maybe a mode with bots would be nice too.

Mr_Nuts2120d ago

I think they could fix that if they award players a LOT of supplies if a player leaves. Maybe if he leaves straight away offer us 20 supplies but if he leaves half way through the match give us what he's earned during the match if it's higher then the standard 20 supplies.

Least then people are compensated more for people rage quitting.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2120d ago

That could work...but it wouldn't solve the issue with missions. If you gotta kill x # of guys in some way, you need the full match time.

It needs to be more lenient IMO.

Tdmd2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

I'd love it to have bots. Would like to know why were bots banned from games this generation...

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2120d ago

In prior generations developers listened to their fanbases, knew what they wanted and delivered the goods.

This generation most devs. decided they wanted to tell us what we want. Causing their shit not to sell, because no one wants it, then they bitch about used games, drm, blah blah blah...

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