Guild Wars 2: next-gen consoles and the MMO conflict

VG247: "Xbox One and PS4 will finally put major MMOs into the hands of console gamers, but will this new direction impact the genre on PC? ArenaNet isn’t worried. Guild Wars 2 lead content designer Mike Zadorojny speaks to Dave Owen in London."

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Need4Game2118d ago

Massive Multiplayer Experience truly massive when Massive player can enjoy Massive Gameplay & Graphics, without suffering by weak PC hardware.

With the ease of console gaming, Guild Wars developer may as well have the resources and money to push PC version graphics to the max.

GTX titan to play Guild Wars 3 on medium setting, BattleShips Battles against Dragons, Slashing Enemy Overboard, under ThunderStorm of CG Particles powered by PhysX. Why Not?

Kane222118d ago

I guess they forgot that sony said. its up to the publisher or whoever to put free to play games behind a paywall. yet this guy acts as if they never said it.

mxrider21992118d ago

all free to play games are not required to have plus. its up to the publisher if they have a DRM

Seafort2118d ago

The MMO genre is getting stale as it is on PC.

Ever since WoW came out most developers have been trying to replicate Blizzards winning formula and all have failed so far.

This is why most people play MMOs for 2-3 months till they get bored and move on. They are very much solo player experiences now with only a bit of multiplayer participation in dungeons or harder boss fights.

So I hope the new consoles adds a bit of life into the genre if Sony, and MS especially (as they are complete control freaks), allows MMO developers onto their systems with little to no interference.

KrisButtar2118d ago

I don't understand this buddies view as he seems very uninformed. FF11 on the 360 was not behind the pay wall. Planetside 2 and DCU are not behind pay walls on the PS4. So he really needs to learn what he is talking about

sorane2118d ago

This is one pc game I was sure you'd console people would get. Seems it would be pretty easy to convert it to use a gamepad. Still hoping you guys do because it truly is a great game. Basically a mmo you buy once and never have to pay for again(can buy real money currency with ingame gold). Yeah it's a bit buggy(as all mmos are) but you get a ton for the money.

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