PS3 PlayStation Store App Gets New Update, Version 1.06, Hopefully Makes Things Faster

A new update has been released for the PlayStation Store in both Europe and the US/Canada – Version 1.06.

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TrendyGamers1936d ago

Haven't noticed it being faster.

dbjj120881936d ago

The other day I was flying through the menus looking at all the PS+ sub categories and it did seem faster. Hopefully it's instantaneous on PS4 though.

ftwrthtx1936d ago

Why can't they go back to the old store?

TongkatAli1936d ago

The Vita got the old store OS. Love it!

ftwrthtx1936d ago

I wish we had a choice on the PS3. I'd jump back in time in a heart beat.

Roper3161936d ago

hopefully it's much needed. Sometimes it takes me up to a minute for the store to even open.

Shadow Man1936d ago

the store loads pretty decent, is just i hate the design it looks like is running on ps1 hardware.

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