Ubisoft "convinced" second-screen gaming is "the future"

GamesIndustry: "Ubisoft Quebec leads the second-screen dev effort, sees tablets soon reaching parity with consoles."

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DoomeDx1933d ago

No shit. Otherwise they wouldnt have used it in almost all their games at E3

Campy da Camper1933d ago

The Wii u controller is my only second screen. Gaming on a phone is just lame IMO. I'm not a fruit ninja guy. A casual session is playing a couple levels of Quantum Conundrum on my plasma TV.

I'm die hard Sony but I gotta say Nintendo has some great potential with the new controller for Wii u. I love gaming hard on my LED TV playing last of us then climb into bed and being able to emotionally recover with mario. Storage wars on in the back ground and playing on the controller is sweet. If I get into it I hit one button and its on the plasma. I really hope Bethesda changes their stance and ports the next fallout to Wii u. Having a always open pip boy would be extremely badass.

thehitman1933d ago

If you have a vita you can now do the same with remote play on every game.

LOGICWINS1933d ago

But Sony hasn't shown us how the Vita's second screen can improve your experience on the primary screen. The Vita just offers a way to play PS4 games on a portable.

With the Wii U, both screens work hand in hand.

thehitman1933d ago

Dont care for both working hand in hand I dont want to be looking at 2 screens unless I am playing in above 1080p on dual monitors side by side, which I can do on my PC.

TheTwelve1933d ago


--- Actually, check out Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

Timesplitter141933d ago

I simply don't see myself putting down my controller mid-game and then picking up my phone/Vita to see whatever trivial information they'll put on there.

Or at least I HOPE it'll be trivial information because I don't want to have to do that stuff

nirwanda1933d ago

But if you're out somewhere and one of your friends sends you a request to help them like what was demoed on sone of the ubi soft games then surely you would be tempted, or even if you were in the same room as someone else playing.

jensen861933d ago

hopefully they'll make the vita an optional device for the pip boy cos that would b kinda kool

Cmk01211933d ago

ipad or kindles or tablets are other second screen options to give gateways to the casual market into mainstream gaming

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fermcr1933d ago

Since they are the only big 3rd party company releasing games for the WiiU, they have to believe in second-screen gaming.

BullyMangler1933d ago

its a fact that a second screen makes things better.

that is why The Last Of Us would be a funner more immersive gaming experience on wiiU < fact along with every other game on ps4 720

any who disagree with this here comment aren't using the noggin much as to why and how an EXTRA screen makes things more pro.

jivah1933d ago

Its not a fact its an opinion. I personally hate 2 separate screens for gaming. And I dont see the point besides having the second screen act as a map or inventory. Even still I cant see any type of usefulness to me because I do not want to stop looking at a tv to look down to look back up when everything can happen on the tv with no interruption to the immersion

BullyMangler1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

use your head, you are obviously not using it hard enough.

Im not gonna sit here and spoon feed you all the DOMINANT possibilities of a SECOND screen/Virtual window

p.s. in real life, when you look for things in your back-pack, you have to turn your head away from your surroundings and into your back-pack no ?

The Last Of Us would be a funner more IMMERSIVE more PRO gaming experience on Nintendos wiiU < fact

think mcfly, think!

jivah1933d ago

And why exactly cant there be an animation on screen that turns me around and does all of that for me. For you it would be a better experience. Not for me. I lose immersion whenever I'm in my mode and i have to look away, even for the slightest of moments.

Unless I'm playing in a "Gamer(movie)" environment

Doesn't change the fact that its still an opinion and not a fact.

BullyMangler1933d ago

lol instead of posting a wiiU gaming pad pic

BullyMangler1933d ago

you: And why exactly cant there be an animation on screen that turns me around and does all of that for me

me: now that ain't all that >>immersive<< now is it. ):

WeAreLegion1933d ago

It's pretty fun doing stuff like that on Wii U or Vita/PS3. So, I think it definitely has a place. It may be another generation before we get there, however.

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