How the PlayStation 2 helped the Wii, and how current-gen systems could help the Wii U

When the Wii launched, its prospects for third-party games were pretty grim. As a console that was a generation behind the competition in processing power, there was no way it would be able to run games built for for the Xbox 360 and PS3. While Nintendo wasn't happy that the PlayStation 2 had outsold the GameCube by a margin of over 5 to 1, the massive install base for Sony's insanely successful console ensured that it would receive software support for years to come. As a result, the Wii got much better third-party support than it would have otherwise since PS2 games could be easily ported to the system, thereby reducing risks and making it economically viable to support Nintendo's console.

Seeing as how the PS3 and Xbox 360 have sold a combined total of over 140 million units, it is quite possible that developers will continue supporting them for years to come as participating in the next-gen console war could be a risky proposition. If that happens, the Wii U could see more po...

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The_Truth_24_71930d ago

Nothing can help the wii u. It's destined to fail.

Sincere01211930d ago

Just like you fanboys then, born failures. lol

The_Truth_24_71930d ago

Natural born winner right here. :)

mikeslemonade1930d ago

The Wii U is not analogous to the Wii. The Wii had "innovated controls" that you could not get anywhere at the time. It was "fun and exciting" and Wii Sports was a system seller packed with system. It was the cheapest console by far and it was suppose to get you to exercise.

Prime_281930d ago

The irony of your username lol

The_Truth_24_71930d ago

What's so ironic? It's just the truth.

LOL_WUT1930d ago

The truth be setting you free @Prime_28 ;)

dedicatedtogamers1930d ago

I'm convinced that 3rd parties hate Nintendo, as silly as that sounds. I truly think (most) 3rd parties hate Nintendo like a fanboy would hate the "other guy's" console.

Why? Because even though the Wii sold like gangbusters and Wii software was cheaper to develop, most devs just put shovelware on it instead of quality titles. Most didn't even try.

And now that the Wii-U has at LEAST the same power as PS3/360, you'd think that 3rd parties would at least put their current gen games on Wii-U? Yeah right. Wii-U gets enhanced ports of games that are years old while modern games never seem to hit the system.

NihonjinChick1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Well, 3rd parties hate the WiiU. I'm sure no 3rd party would have problems with the 3DS.

Kevlar0091930d ago

3rd parties are the reason Nintendo is so toxic. All but a few jumped on the casual/partygame/shovelware train with the Wii where only Nintendo was left producing high quality games.

3rd parties complain there's no core base for the WiiU when they've done nothing to help. EA is one of the worst offenders, most of these companies only like Nintendo when they can make a quick profit, the PS4 and X1 could sell porly yet they would get tons of great content. The sad truth is the only company with an investment in Nintendo is Nintendo.

In a world with three consoles it's really only big for two of them, you'd have to see a drastic climate change where only Nintendo is thriving for 3rd parties to really give a crap.

sarcastoid1930d ago

Wii U is a result of arrogance from Nintendo. They rebranded a gamecube, sold it to non-gamers and made a fortune. They assumed the fad would last and it hasn't. Now they've been caught twiddling their thumbs and their sales reflect that.

KrisButtar1930d ago

I think more Nintendo fans need to buy more 3rd party games, even if they are not that great because with the higher sales publishers will make more games and with more games on the system which leads to a larger install base.

The_Truth_24_71930d ago

They are too dumb to do that. It's so simple.

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The story is too old to be commented.