We asked Microsoft what happens if the Xbox One’s Kinect sensor stops working?

We already know the Xbox One needs its Kinect sensor to be operational, but what happens if the fancy new motion tracking camera malfunctions or gets damaged? Can you walk into a store and buy a replacement, or do you need to send it in to Microsoft for repairs?

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overlordror1934d ago

Typical corporate speak. They should start talking to their customers about this stuff instead of holing up.

badboy7761934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

This is why it was smart that Sony decided not to bundle in the PSeye camera with the PS4. Even though the light bar on the controller utilizes the camera. It can break at any moment and what than for the games that support that feature?

mewhy321934d ago

then you go out and spend even more money with Micro$oft.

DecoyOctopus1934d ago

I dont even want the camera to begin with, why should i have to buy a new one if it breaks? Microsoft better send me a new one for free and pay me to play with the damn thing.

Cmk01211934d ago

Nothing as its not integrated into the whole OS like kinect is

blitz06231934d ago

They basically said "Oh yeah, we never thought about that! *smacks head* at least it's still in development! We will see if we can sell Kinect 2.0 separately."

The thing is, if the X1 and Kinect need each other to function, then it's pointless to sell them separately. Microsoft just doesn't want to say "Yeah when your Kinect 2.0 breaks down you gotta spend another $500 to get a new bundle or send it to us for repair!"

HammadTheBeast1934d ago

Don't worry, they'll "clarify" this in a month or two.

Darrius Cole1934d ago

They are probably going to sell them in the store for about $150 - $200. Their price will instantly give the internet another target to use against the Xbone and the rage to fuel lots of attacks against said target.

The fact that Microsoft are not readily forthcoming with the prices tells me that they are hiding something.

The_Con-Sept1934d ago


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dedicatedtogamers1934d ago

Why can't Microsoft just give straight answers?

This is terrible. At best, people need to hold off on buying the Xbox One to see exactly what the plan for the thing is. Xbox is a ship adrift right now. Mattrick is gone. Half of the X1's vision (always online, take your library anywhere, etc) is gone. At worst, people should just ignore the X1 completely until Microsoft gets its act together.

Anyone who buys a launch X1 and runs into problems: I have absolutely no sympathy for you. It's 100% clear what is going on with the X1 and if you buy it anyway hoping for the best, that's your own fault.

overlordror1934d ago

Can't agree more. Console launches have always been rocky at best and Microsoft is just a laughing stock at this point.

Anybody who supports this day one and regrets it, you have no one to blame but yourself because we all saw this coming a mile away.

The_Klank1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Well it looks like some press is trying to point consumers the right way.

Another non answer. That is one thing Sony has done right since the reveal. Being frank.

loulou1934d ago

"100% clear what is going on with x1" what is going on then?? because i would like to hear your wisdom on the subject

CrossingEden1934d ago

you go to EVERY xbox one article spouting the same negative nonsense, and have a crapton of bubbles while people like me who defend it have three, shows how effective the reputation system is, "I have no sympathy for you" um what? get over yourself, its a video game console, get a life and stop spreading the same negative nonsense to EVERY microsoft console because you have nothing better to do

wastedcells1934d ago

Seriously wtf, what if we end up with another red ring situation due to a stupid mandatory Camera. Things fail, defects happen but if my system bricks because of a Kinect I dont want in the first place I'll be pissed. Already went through 7 360's.

Major_Glitch1934d ago

Hey guys let's tone it down a little. I'm sure the Xbox1 will have a smooth launch free of technical issues. But then again, I thought that about the 360.

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pompombrum1934d ago

8 disagrees? Really? This guy is spot on.. it's typical corporate hogwash avoiding an extremely valid concern.

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chrismichaels041934d ago

No surprise. When it comes to answering questions and communicating with the gaming community, MS has been beating around the bush for months. I wish MS would realize if they were just more direct and open with gamers, they wouldn't have such a negative image right now and gamers would be able to trust them again.

SniperControl1934d ago

That has been MS's major flaw with the X1, even way back when the whole "Always Online" rumor started, they did nothing to quash these rumors(even if they ere true). Even when the X1 was revealed, so many people wanted answers, yet MS kept quiet, they let the uproar build until it turned and bit them in the ass.

I'am pretty sure that MS will throw millions upon millions at advertising, targeting the moms & pops who have no clue about consoles just so that little Billy can dance merrily in front of his TV.

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greenlantern28141934d ago

Really why is this a hard answer?
Most likely you will get the standard warranty from the company of 30 days. So I suggest buying an exstended warranty from the store you get it at if available. That way if/ when it breaks you might be able to go to the store and get a new one. But it will really suck if you have to send it off to get replaced because that might take weeks. Weeks of no gaming. Terrible

B-radical1934d ago

Well our feedback matters apparently so hopefully they will release a cheaper xbox one without the dam thing

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MariaHelFutura1934d ago

Microsoft won't even answer. That's hilarious. They don't have anything to share on what happens if your mandatory camera breaks.

LOL. How much more arrogant can you get?

2cents1934d ago ShowReplies(5)
Mikeyy1934d ago


5 months till launch and they still need to mass produce, the specs are final, they have to be, they where before E3, there is no time for a revision.

They have all the answers, they are clearly just witholding it from you, because all the answers are damagaging PR.

ogwilson1934d ago

Great question. Meh answer. Let's just hope it never comes to that

2cents1934d ago

Stupid question.

“Xbox One is still in development and we are excited to share more over the coming months, but we don’t have anything further to share at this time.”

perfect answer.

mxrider21991934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

stupid question? if the kinect breaks and you cant play your xbox until you buy a new one or it is fixed you will be mad. If the kinect breaks and you can still play ur xbox then people will be demanding an xbox to be sold without the gimmecky kinect so save money when they will simply never use the kinect

sync901934d ago

You actually sound as bad as the people you described.

Major_Glitch1934d ago

@2cents Whoa! Take the nerdrage down a notch. The Xbox1 is going to be a damned good system. All we're saying is that MS is doing a really HORRIBLE job with their PR.

Hicken1934d ago

Perfectly horrible answer. That's the sort of thing they should have been able to respond to AT THE REVEAL. You don't develop a system that requires a peripheral to work and then NOT have any idea what people should do when that peripheral breaks.

I mean, Nintendo had an answer for their gamepad, which you couldn't find in stores at first(I don't know if that's changed, but I can't recall seeing one). If Sony had a mandatory peripheral, they'd have thought of this quite some time ago.

ANY company would have had an answer ready by this point; most would probably have come up with it during the concept stages of the device.

Most importantly, companies that wanted to maintain- or, in Microsoft's case, regain- confidence and trust from their consumers would be quick to give an answer people could be satisfied with.

Who the hell is gonna be happy with the answer they gave? Are YOU even satisfied with that? I don't believe you are, but IF you are, you shouldn't be making big-money decisions.

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Dlacy13g1934d ago

I think one fundamental shift happened from Xbox 360 and Xbox One that most are not seeming to understand. With the Xbox 360 Kinect was / is / always will be a peripheral that you could buy seperately. Its an add-on and wasn't part of the system. With Xbox One and Kinect 2.0 it is and always will be part of the system. Just like a disc drive in Xbox One, Kinect 2.0 is hardware for the system. They designed it all to work together. Given you can turn off all the features of Kinect through privacy settings really the system just needs to know its plugged in from what I can tell. If Kinect 2.0 isn't working its like your disc drive failing. Some functionality of the system still probably works but its limited in what it can do.

OrangePowerz1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Thats the part I dont get. If I can turn it off why do I need to have it plugged in?

Dlacy13g1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Well let me put it this way, technically you don't need to use your disc could just download 100% of your games but the system still comes with a disc drive just in case you do decide you want to use it. On your PC you can disable your disc drive if you want, on a lap top you can disable the built in camera if you want but they still get sold with those components and by default are in use when you boot up.

Kinect 2.0 is part of the Xbox One System but they had to allow people to turn off the functionality for privacy/legal purposes.

Edit: and they require it to be plugged in because that is the system...Kinect is part of the Xbox One.

@ShwankyShpanky... I haven't heard anyone say the Xbox One will stop working if the camera malfunctions...only that it needs to be plugged in. They require it plugged in because it is a controller for the system along with the game pad. Jesus... I don't get why you and so many others get so hung up on Kinect 2.0 being part of the system. I am sure the only reason they require it to be plugged in is because they are making sure that functionality is there for ANY game developer. Its a part of system that any developer making a game KNOWS they can put the functionality into the game and it will be there for all not just a portion that decided to buy a camera.

ShwankyShpanky1934d ago

@Dlacy13g: ...and yet your PC or console will still work if the optical drive breaks, so long as you're playing a game off the hard drive. Same with the camera. If these components malfunction, the system can still perform all the other operations that do not specifically necessitate the malfunctioning component. Not so with Kinnect. Pretty significant difference.

It seems like a pretty simple question that no one seems to be able to answer: If Kinnect can be completely disabled via software, why can it not be unplugged from the system? Let's see a real technical reason, not BS about "because it's part of the system."

WeAreLegion1934d ago

But the disc drive isn't sitting ten feet away from the console, connected to the console via wire. The Kinect 2.0 is.

OrangePowerz1934d ago

I don't see a reason why a camera needs to be part of the system. Given you can turn everything off it can't be an integral part of it because otherwise it would be required to be on and not just plugged in.

For me they just want to sell Kinects because as a stand alone not that many people would buy one after the experience people had with the first Kinect. They invested money and bought even a company for it and went on about how controller free gaming is the future. Now they came to the point of making it optinal again and kind of abandon it and the investment they made or shoehorn it into the next console and make it mandatory so they can claim Kinect is a huge success because it has a 100% attach rate.

Dlacy13g1934d ago

"I don't see a reason why Kinect needs to be part of the system"...

I get many of you don't want a camera..and I am sure many of you are getting a PS4 because it wont have a camera. If you are getting an Xbox are getting Kinect 2.0.

The reason they are making Kinect required is simple... ANYONE making Apps or Games for Xbox One will 100% know that the end user will have a Kinect to use IF that developer chooses to have Kinect features.

ShwankyShpanky1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

My best guess is that maybe the wifi card/antenna is in the Kinect. But why not just come out and say it? Though I guess some might consider that shifty engineering to *really* make the Kinect mandatory.

P.S. This is kinda odd... how come this pic has 9 plugs along the back:

...but this one only has eight?

Extra plug on a prototype maybe?

ShwankyShpanky1934d ago

@Dlacy13g: But again, a computer will still work if you remove the optical drive or the camera entirely.

"Its a part of system that any developer making a game KNOWS they can put the functionality into the game and it will be there for all not just a portion that decided to buy a camera."

There are a fair number of people that begrudgingly accept that the Kinect is bundled, but want to be able to unplug it. AGAIN: If it can be fully disabled, how is that different from unplugging it? It's still "there" in the box if devs can make worthwhile use of it.

As far as why people are "hung up" over it, I've seen multiple reasons. Some people move their consoles around and don't want to drag a Kinect around with it. Some are concerned their console will be useless if the Kinect breaks. Some are concerned that shutting it off via software settings isn't really shutting it off at all. Some just don't want the extra clutter.

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JOHN_DOH1934d ago

If kinect is broken, IT WON'T SHOW UP AS BEING PLUGGED IN. Isn't that what is being asked? Will they sell it separately, or will you have to buy a whole new $500 system. Or maybe Microsoft will give one for free?

Max-Zorin1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Whoever discovered Kinect need to be kicked in the head by Tony Jaa.

WeAreLegion1934d ago

Tony Jaa is the greatest.