Wii U is an option for thatgamecompany


thatgamecompany made three titles in partnership with Sony. The studio’s contract ended following the release of Journey, so its future games are free to land on any platform.

Nothing has been announced, but there is now a possibility of thatgamecompany’s games heading to the Wii U due to its new-found independence.

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MysticStrummer1961d ago

If any dev can come up with an innovative use for the touchpad, and put it in a beautiful game, it's these guys.

InsaneChronos1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

I don't need an "innovative" shit. I just want play games like I used to.

MysticStrummer1960d ago

Well you can relax because there are plenty of cookie cutter games around. There's nothing wrong with something new once in awhile.

McScroggz1961d ago

Any console that gets a game from thatgamecompany is lucky. Such a wonderful group of game makers.

Donnieboi1961d ago

Miyamoto should take Jenova Chen under his wings.

inStereo1960d ago

PLEASE, YES!! That would be fantastic!!