Nomura: Porting Kingdom Hearts 3 to PS4 and Xbox One “Very Similar”, Introduces the Kingdom Shader

Tetsuya Nomura doesn’t seem to have much of a preference between the two platforms that will host Kingdom Hearts III, but is quite proud of the "Kingdom Shader" that will add visual variety to the game.

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Abriael1987d ago

If you're surprised that the game will be on Xbone, that was known since E3

PositiveEmotions1987d ago

I didnt know i mean kh is a ps exclusive and now is on xb1 thats just dumb.

I say its dumb because why kh3 and not the other sequels

Abriael1987d ago


Eh, by releasing on next gen consoles they need to maximize the sales, there won't be that many around by when the game comes out yet.

Fireseed1987d ago

I agree with what Abriael said and as to the other games, who knows we may see an HD collection of some sorts before KH3

Minato-Namikaze1987d ago

@winter, ps3 is already getting Kingdom Hearts HD collections.

SonyPS41987d ago

KH has been on Nintendo handhelds since GBA, not just PS.

Gigaguy7771987d ago

KH is not a PS exclusive, the second game to come out (Chain of Memories) came out on Game Boy Advance, the fourth on DS, fifth on Cell Phone, and 6th on PSP, lastly seventh on 3DS. It's anything BUT exclusive.

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LoveOfTheGame1987d ago

Yeah, unfortunately a lot of people watching the PS E3 show didn't notice any of the "let downs".

While everyone at E3 was cheering the no DRM, and rightfully so, I was laughing my ass off that none of them saw the PS+ gets you the ability to play online.

Oh how funny it was the next day when I had to argue with people at gamestop about how excited I was that the Xbox One was getting this and FFXV as they were the only games I was considering getting a PS4 over the Xbox One.

pedrof931987d ago

Rather pay for PS + than XBL. And don't even ask why.

Ser1986d ago

PS+ is still better than XBL Gold. *shrug*

Salooh1986d ago

I saw it . I think you are overreacting. People were glad that the industry didn't go in that path. It's a huge thing without doing anything in the side of sony lol . I would quit gaming if sony did what MS wanted to do. However , It's sad that you must pay for online but paying for ps+ is not that bad , it's actually a must have for a new console . I only bought ps+ when i got the vita . It's useless for me in the ps3 because i play all the games that i'm interested in from release date..

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KingKelloggTheWH1986d ago

It was announced at E3.

Also when Nomura says they are similar he means architecture,not actual power or ability.

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Fireseed1987d ago

Kinda interested to know whether this "Kingdom Shader" effects the actual diffuse maps of the characters or if it's a post processing tool.

Abriael1987d ago

He didn't specify that in the interview, I'm afraid

EXVirtual1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

This game is gonna run better on PS4 anyway. Just one question for discussion: Does anyone think that this is just a one time deal?

Yoichi Wada is the guy who made this decision most likely. He's just a chairman now, so he won't be making any big decisions. I think we all know that this game is gonna sell best on PS4 just like FFXV. The sales on the Xbox One version are gonna be kinda pathetic in comparison to the PS4's. Square Enix also has reported huge losses. They NEED to make this a multiplat to squeeze as much money out of it. The gen hasn't even started yet so they need to start getting to know the hardware (On PS4 especially) and make it on PC and then port it to the PS4 and Xbox One.

Also we know the PS4 is more powerful then the Xbox One. If you've seen one of my comments before, you'd know that I think in 2-3 years, when games use more and more RAM (including GDDR5 meaning just less games for Xbox One), the Xbox One is gonna get some seriously watered down ports or just less games, from Japanese devs especially will ditch it later. So when the games after KH3 and FFXV come out (KH4,KH5, FFXV-2, and FFXVI) they'll be exclusive to PS4, because they won't be able to run on Xbox One and because Square will know that they won't sell well enough on the Xbox One (Yes I know it might come to PC but it probably won't with their development costs high enough and if they did it would still sell best on PS4)? Keep in mind that Sony could've locked those 2 games as exclusive but they didn't because they're focusing on 1st party right now (for now 1st party exclusive will be the main focus). Tetsuya Nomura also loves his exclusivity. I really can't any game apart from KH3 and FFXV that are multiplats. Both this and FFXV will probably be out by 2015. What do you guys think? @PositiveEmotions, what's your take on this?

Abriael1987d ago

Now that they have a great multiplat engine they have absolutely no reason to go exclusive.

Minato-Namikaze1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Besides the fact that MS believes Japan is a Tier 2 country? Over half of KH sales are gonna come from japan alone. it might not be worth it to SE if the XB1 completely bombs in japan. Its kinda like what we are seeing now with the PS3 getting all these japan exclusive games.

warewolfSS1987d ago

My emotions would be lolololol dude chill out

TheHierarchy1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

@ EXVirtual

The game is going to run the same on both consoles, and textures will be the same too because it's a cartoon based game. but you are welcome to believe in whatever floats your boat.

EXVirtual1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Ok, I just wanted to create discussion

tigertom531987d ago

maybe their will be very little difference

Digital Foundry published an article stating that Microsoft Engineers drastically underestimated their ESRAM.

Xbox One processor is considerably more capable than Microsoft envisaged during pre-production of the console, with data throughput levels up to 88 per cent higher in the final hardware.

Xbox One was previously thought to sustain a peak theoretical throughput of 102GB/s – useful, but still some way behind the 176GB/s found in PlayStation 4′s RAM set-up. Now that close-to-final silicon is available, Microsoft has revised its own figures upwards significantly, telling developers that 192GB/s is now theoretically possible.
- See more at:

1987d ago
tigertom531987d ago

am sure the developers will take advantage of X1 DirectX 11.2 Hardware vs PS4 DirectX 11, but yes it worth the wait and see on both system what they will be able to do.

CrimsonStar1986d ago

Oh really do you have a time machine ? Are you developing the game? Do you know something we don't??? Didn't think so .

Bahamut-Shin1986d ago

blah blah blah blah!!
blah blah blah blah!!
what about if you just shut up already.
KH is not a game that need a hightech PC. even if it was PS4 exclusive what you can improve??

the AI: yeah because KH it's all about it's AI, NO.
the physics: there are none in KH.
graphic: KH can aim to be photo realistic and you know.

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warewolfSS1987d ago

It's funny how more and more deva say how similar the systems are , contradictory to what the devs on n4g say.

Snookies121987d ago

Well yeah... Developing for them would be quite similar, and at the moment there are no issues. Further down the line though, the PS4 will be coming out ahead in terms of graphical quality. Not to knock the X1 or anything. I will probably be getting one at some point. Just mentioning that. :]

warewolfSS1987d ago

It dosent bother me knowing ill have both systems

Sevir1987d ago

That the platforms both sport an 8 core x84/64bit CPU... I'd say everyone knows the difference is all in the GPU which is both from the same Provider of the CPU. We know they are similar, the fans here just know the PS4 is stronger. By virtue of it's Gpu and data through put thanks to the GDDR5

Minato-Namikaze1987d ago

Devs making Multi plats dont have much incentive to say that one version of their game is gonna be hamstrung because the XB1 is underpowered.

warewolfSS1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

I was hoping only people with normal minds would reply to my
Comment. Apparently, I was denied that satisfaction.


Any time you need a laugh, I am here for you hah

Urusernamesucks1987d ago


"devs on n4g" made my day

Mystogan1987d ago

Hahahaha "The devs on N4G"

I see what you did there.

maniacmayhem1986d ago


I also noticed the back seat devs on N4G. the ones who claim one version of the game will be superior and if not then the devs making the game are "lazy".

I get a kick out of that buzz word here on N$G...lazy devs.

edgeofsins1986d ago


My laptop is similar to a $5000 gaming PC, but it isn't.

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DivineAssault 1987d ago

After both consoles are on the market, we will see all the support start drying out for the loser of the 2.. If xbox one doesnt sell well, publishers will slowly start releasing more n more PS4 exclusives & vice versa.. Its going on both because & there might not be very many differences due to M$ contracts saying "games must be equal" or whatever.. But it will run/look slightly better on PS4 because japanese devs build on PS then port it over.. On top of that the PS4 has better specs

EXVirtual1987d ago

Exactly. Can you read my comment above? I think you'll like it.

Abriael1987d ago

Eh, support didn't die out for PS3 or Xbox 360 previous generation, so I don't see a reason for that to happen in the next, unless one loses REALLY badly, which I don't see happening.

DivineAssault 1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

because both consoles were healthy in sales.. Thats not happening this time around.. Very few ppl will buy x1 outside the US so thats going to really hurt it.. Have you seen the polls from EU & JA about the x1? Virtually nobody wants it at all.. Hell, in the US theres many people who are jumping ship too.. Idk what will happen but i dont see the console race being anywhere near like it was this gen

However we saw exclusives get brought over from one console to the other this gen because of how close they were in sales.. Nx gen will start with damn near the same level of support but shift toward the winner

Abriael1987d ago

@DivineAssault: I seriously doubt that. Brand loyalty is hard to shake. I bet you that Xbox One will still sell a very healthy number of consoles across the board.

Online polls mean very little for this kind of things.

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