Should Some Games Just Be Movies Instead?


After playing The Last of Us (and absolutely loving it, mind you) I was struck with a question that I can't seem to get out of my mind: Would Naughty Dog's latest tale have been better off as a film? I've wrestled with this query for several days now and have come to the conclusion that yes, it may very well have been a movie instead.

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dbjj120881960d ago

I probably would have enjoyed Bioshock Infinite more as a movie, but not The Last of Us. Playing it just gives you so much nervous anxious energy.

ShugaCane1960d ago

Agreed, I felt like The Last of Us story was MY story, like I was Joel protecting Ellie. In Bioshock, it was more like I was a spectator. The story was good, but didn't feel as much involved in it as I was in TLOU. Just my opinion, though.

GDDR6_20141960d ago

How can it feel like your story when there's nothing you can do to change the outcome? And Ellie (and your teammates) don't need protecting, your enemies can't see them

dbjj120881960d ago

You're right about not feeling as involved as with The Last of Us. I think that's because the gameplay has a lot more depth and weight to it, where as Bioshock Infinite you're just flying around shooting everything.

Especially if you got the one tonic that lets you move so-many percent faster when your shield breaks. That really broke the game IMO.

andron1960d ago

Well your companions can be killed in TLOU. And if you die, Ellie, at least in the beginning, wouldn't last long on her own...

Reibooi1960d ago

I agree. The Last of Us just put you on edge and made you tense. I mean the whole game I was expecting something terrible to happen and when it doesn't you kinda get more nervous cause you know it's coming and when it hits ya...

Yeah a movie would just not have been able to capture that. In addition to the fact that there really was no wasted space as far as story goes so I don't think it would have even worked as a movie.

HarryMasonHerpderp1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Well the gameplay in The Last Of Us was actually part of the narrative (which was incredible) so we would have to sit and watch a film for 13 hours plus to get the same experience and attachment to the characters as the game. It's the little things in the gameplay that makes The Last Of Us such an amazing experience.
A 2 hour movie would ruin and dilute that experience.

jc485731960d ago

I think people are getting the wrong idea about The Last of Us. Just because the basic idea of The Last of Us can be converted into a movie doesn't mean it should be. Games are not solely about having fun. The Last of Us has more gameplay than what you actually think it is.

acharlez1960d ago

But is the gameplay the main draw?

Would you lose anything by bringing it to film? Sure the interactivity will be lost, but was that the reason the game is so great in the first place?

All of the game's unforgettable moments (for the most part) are either non-linear character moments or cutscenes.

CalvinKlein1960d ago

I like the gameplay because it is survival horror/stealth game.

jc485731960d ago

I understand where you are getting at, but I simply believe that The Last of Us was "designed" to make you feel, ponder, question, and "interact" rather than "react" to the moments. Interactivity leads player to an experience they may or may not be familiar with.

A point I tried to make is that people are making it sound like The Last of Us is nothing but a cinematic game, which isn't the case. It establishes itself as a game with carefully thought out gameplay designed specifically to facilitate the experience of the story. How much can you immerse yourself in the role of the player? That is the question. In a way, gameplay is there for a reason in the first place to answer your question.

dbjj120881960d ago

I think the story is well written and well acted enough that it could stand on its own without the gameplay (even if I would rather play it myself).

cpayne931960d ago

Given the excellent gameplay of tlou, no. That tension you feel in a really dangerous situation could not be replicated as well in a film.

acharlez1960d ago

You don't think a film could make you feel that tense?

cpayne931960d ago

As tense as the game did? No. Being in control of the character adds a sense of immersion you can't find in a film. The unpredictability of combat and the fact that the pressure is all on you to fight your way out cannot be replicated in a film. Also, i dont think a movie would allow all the time needed to properly develop the characters the way the game did.

Fireseed1960d ago

No. Games are capable of much more than simple fun to play games. The Last of Us wasn't a game. It was an experience one that could not give the same emotional impact as a movie because when it's interactive it makes the situations all the more relatable. Video entertainment has a future that is more than just games, hell just take a look at things like Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain, Quantum Break, and (I can't for the life of me remember the name but it's that PS4 game where you play as a ghost and run through the rain). I can't wait for this next generation :)

The_Klank1960d ago

Rain. And its a ps3 game.
Plus to say TLOU is not a game is silly. All those games you mention are just that, games. I get what you are saying though, people need to broaden their definition of what constitutes a game.

Fireseed1960d ago

Thank you! Now I can go buy it.

And what I mean is, is it really right to call a piece of media that explores our interpersonal relationships at a time when our survival is on the line and our consequences couldn't be more dire a game? No it's disrespectful IMO.

Movies could be a large range of things, books is another all encompassing term. But game, game just demotes that it is an activity mean to derive pleasure. One day we'll find a better term. Hell I remember as a kid I didn't call the games at all, no matter the system I would say "Let's play Nintendo!" (even though I was talking about playing the Dreamcast)

Theyellowflash301960d ago

And this is why I play Nintendo games.

acharlez1960d ago

Nintendo is really one of the few companies that still makes "games" in the traditional sense.

dbjj120881960d ago

Yeah, like Super Mario 3D World looks very rooted in "game"-ness or fun. Super Mario Galaxy had the hub world and the story, but 3D World looks like it's just "here are a bunch of fun platforming challenges."

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