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If you want a good reason to pay attention to new developer Respawn Entertainment, then pay attention to their debut game Titanfall. This game is as the developers call it “large scale and small scale interaction” and was on great display.

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hankmoody1959d ago

I just read a comment on another article stating that games like Titanfall are the sole reason for the downfall of the industry. Can't think of a better way for an industry to go out if that's the case.

malokevi1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Lately, the things I'm excited about seem to be "the downfall of the industry".

Am I so out of touch?

Possibly, but all I really want is to play great games. If that makes me a pariah... I think I'm OK with that.

Thomper1959d ago

Other than KI this is my most wanted on XB1

Majin-vegeta1959d ago

Cant wait to play this on PS4 :D.

6DEAD6END61959d ago

Amen brother MY BODY IS READY :) But no seriously I've been saying for a long time that this game will make its way to the PS4 late 2014 or early 2015(February 2015).

Majin-vegeta1959d ago

Exactly if it wasnt why not just come out and say it isnt instead of beating around the push?Im sure M$ paid a heavy fine not to say anything.

6DEAD6END61959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

I've been reading a ton of comments about this game being exclusive on the Xbox One FOREVER!!! Lol it's like they can't get it in their heads EA will never let this game remain exclusive on one console, especially if the PS4 out sells the Xbox One by a lot in the first year. Mark my words the PS4 will out sell the Xbox One by 3 to 1 if not more and EA will see that and release it ASAP on to the PS4.

xRedline1959d ago

The funny thing about exclusives, or "timed-exclusives" if it turns out that way, is that you do have to wait to play it while others will have already experienced the game. Sloppy seconds, ftw?

Ben121959d ago

Titanfall will never be on ps4 the risk of psn being hacked is far to great booooooyah oh yah that's right.