Hotline Miami (PS3) Review - Here's Blood in Your Eye | C.O.G.

One of COG’s newer contributors answers the call of Hotline Miami, and walks away with a smile (and blood) on his face.

"As I trudged through the neon, blood soaked hallways of Hotline Miami, taking out mobsters left and right with any weapon I could get my hands on, a question suddenly sprang into my mind.

“What the hell am I doing?”

It’s that pervasive question that makes Hotline Miami stand out from the sea of shooter games on today’s market. But don’t be fooled; the developers are perfectly comfortable with letting you run wild, ignoring all the lingering questions and potential answers. If you’re anything like the protagonist of Hotline Miami, you’ll be content with killing, without reason, remorse, and often, without thinking. On the other hand, players who dig a little deeper will find themselves scratching their head, courtesy of a sparsely woven and ambiguous plot that will undoubtedly lead to a few back and forth posts on your internet forum of choice."

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