Deus Ex: Director's Cut Preview I Expansive

Let’s face it – a full-price port of a two year old game is not the most exciting of prospects, especially when its a game that the vast majority of gamers have already played… but luckily for Wii U owners, this isn’t just a bog standard port.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut is being touted as the definitive version of the game, introducing amended and extended boss fights, upgraded graphics, improved enemy AI, new weapons and like all good director’s cuts – a complete running director’s commentary.

As this is a Wii U port, the other main feature of The Director’s Cut is obviously the full gamepad integration. If you’ve played Deus Ex before you’ll be pleased to know that the core Deus Ex experience is still very much intact. Aside from some iffy button layout choices (pushing in the analogue stick to zoom just feels bizarre) the Wii U gamepad fits Human Revolution like an augmented glove.

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mudmax1988d ago

Hurry and set a release date so I can pre-order this bad boy already.

ZeekQuattro1988d ago

I just recently canceled my preorder from March when it was originally listed for May. I had gotten an email from Amazon stating the game was coming out this September but now they changed it again for at least the third time. I would of bought the game in a heart beat but not in a crowded Q3/Q4 game schedule.