BioWare Should Avoid a Prequel for the Next Mass Effect

UM writes: While the last Mass Effect trilogy ended not too long ago, it’s no secret that BioWare is hard at work producing a new saga in the Mass Effect universe. It has been clarified that Shepard’s story is indeed over, and that it is a disservice to fans if they called the next game Mass Effect 4. With that in mind, I’m pretty sure that the next game wouldn’t be a direct sequel. It’s also hard to see one when each ending choice had their own distinct impact on the universe. What should BioWare do? Some fans are clamoring for a prequel, but I am personally wary of that route.

Why am I skeptical? Read on to know my reasons and a couple of suggestions for BioWare if they do decide to a prequel.

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aliengmr1937d ago

Bioware should just avoid a next Mass Effect and focus on something else. Revisit it after a new IP or something.

Reibooi1937d ago

Yeah it would be nice to get another Jade Empire and then return to it(or not if a new Jade Empire took off) I just kinda wanna see what they could do with the world of Jade Empire with next gen.

Mainsqueeze1937d ago

Seriously they should work on something else. They finished the story on Mass Effect they need to move on. All of these damn prequel games are coming out just so companies can milk franchises God of War and Gears of War are prime examples. Get creative and make something new.

nirwanda1937d ago

I bet they are making a new KOTOR since EA have the rights to use the star wars franchise.

Mainsqueeze1936d ago

That would be awesome but idk they just made swtor.

Foxgod1937d ago

Well, it didnt work for star trek, barely worked for star wars, so a prequel to mass effect wouldnt be a good idea either.

Sci fi and goin back in time, only works when its actually about time traveling.

Timesplitter141937d ago

It only worked well for MGS because Big Boss's origin story was actually pertinent for the whole franchise's storyline.

Some would say the Big Boss saga is even better than Solid Snake's

Mr_Nuts1937d ago

Knowing them if they did a prequel they wouldn't put the fantastic cool down weapons in it despite them supposed to be there in a pre thermal clips era.

God I hated thermal clips so much it made it turn into a proper third person shooter. With the cool down weapons in the first game I relied on my biotics more, my team mates, where I was based on the battlefield but with ME2 it was pretty much run and gun

fossilfern1937d ago

Just like ME2 and 3 it will be a watered down RPG/poor mans TPS.

jagstar441937d ago

i think it should be set thousands of years in the future or something, when the universe has recovered from the reapers ect, idk

PlayTheGameBro1937d ago

I just finished the Mass Effect Trilogy. Gotta say it was astonishing. It was just kind of weird how it ended. It was a great series nonetheless.

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The story is too old to be commented.