Super Mario 3D World and the Wii U’s Multiplayer Push | TheSixthAxis

"If you’re looking for fun local multiplayer gaming, Nintendo is definitely the place to be. It seems to always have been that way, since local multiplayer gained popularity (in the days before online, if you remember) through Mario Kart, Mario Party and, of course, Super Smash Brothers.

There hasn’t really been enough of these experiences on Nintendo’s latest platform, even Nintendo Land was hardly multiplayer focused, despite having a few good games and Game & Wario had a bigger share of single player gaming than multiplayer components."

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Mr_Nuts2030d ago

I love how Super Mario 3D World and multiplayer are talked in the same article yet funnily enough Super Mario 3D World doesn't let you go online for co-op

Utalkin2me2030d ago

IKR, would be totally amazing if you could.

Mr_Nuts2030d ago

I don't see why you can't...isn't that the whole point of co-op these days, why devs force it in the game

TechnicianTed2030d ago

I like local multiplayer, I prefer it to online. I'm sure there are enough games you can play online with someone, I'm not sure that there are enough games you can play offline against someone though.

PigPen2029d ago

You can't play this type of game online without someone f'in up the game on purpose just in spite. I would rather play this type of game with family. I can see myself cursing at the tv at a vigilante player, in a Super Mario play through. But that is just it, that it won't be good in a play through game like Super Mario 3D. Online is good for matches, games like Call Of Duty or Super Smash Bros.