Nolan North has “no Idea” About Uncharted 4, Says “It’s Always More fun to Play the Bad Guy”

Nolan North, previously known as the busiest voice actor in game before Troy Baker decided to take that title, is recently coming off seeing his latest starring performance as Deadpool in Deadpool (expect Cameron’s review soon).

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Prcko1938d ago

“It’s Always More fun to Play the Bad Guy”
true dat :D

Allsystemgamer1938d ago

Oh come on it's not a spoiler. The second David starts speaking you know :p

TrendyGamers1938d ago


I've seen numerous people not know until they saw his name in the credits.

Nitrowolf21938d ago


I didn't know it was him!
Seriously, it sounds nothing like him

Maldread1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

I didn`t know it was him that did the voice while playing it. Great and creepy character.

Guess that makes North proud after reading the interview ;)

BabyTownFrolics1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

i wanna play a prequel to uncharted playing as a young sully, I want it to take place in NYC, and I want a fully interactive empire state building to be the set piece, every floor inside and out.


I guess not then. I figured going back and forth from inside to outside of the skyscraper would be an awesome mix. But I guess its just me

brettyd1938d ago

That was a joke, correct?

Majin-vegeta1938d ago

NYC is overrated.Lets go somewhere we haven't.

theWB271938d ago

Uncharted is a globe trotting adventure game. Setting it in one a building for that matter doesn't equal uncharted.

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TopDudeMan1938d ago

Nolan north would be silly to turn down uncharted 4.

I know the guy is still up to his eyeballs in work, but you don't turn down such a huge project.

Mr_Nuts1938d ago

Course he knows about Uncharted 4, he's probably working on it right now.

You can tell because he talks about the Last of Us team doing it when they finish the game (probably supporting the online and DLC) but he makes no mention of the other team, the team which did Uncharted 1-3 and has Amy Hennig as the creative director.

Salooh1938d ago

I thought naughty dog work on new ip in every new console and doesn't bring the old ones. Let's just wait and see what they bring . Day one without even knowing what it's name xP

Mr_Nuts1938d ago

They used to but after Sony made two teams out of ND things have changed.

The other team that did the Last of Us could be the ones to create new IP's while the other team could work on Uncharted more. It's Sony's best franchise, I doubt they would let it go.

I'm pretty sure though at ND they get a choice what team they want to be on though

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