How Middle Eastern studios are overcoming game development challenges

Polygon: "The games industry in the Middle East is young and its experience is limited. Faced with challenges that most developers in the West never have to think about, it would seem a robust games industry with a thriving community is beyond the region's reach.

But while these challenges are very big and very real, there are game developers from the region that are determined to make games in and for the Middle East. Even if it means doing it in an unorthodox way."

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DeforMAKulizer2117d ago

I love it when the region gets some recognition in the games being built.

I wish some publisher would open a proper development studio here to develop a proper AA/AAA console/PC game.

Ubi's Abu Dhabi studio is mainly about localization. Im Lebanese and would dream to become a game developer, but unfortunately, without the proper funding and no US/EU passport its very difficult to start a studio here or work abroad.

We have plenty of PC and console gamers, and contrary to popular belief, many respect devs and dont condone piracy at all.

I hope i see a properly developed well funded big budget game in the near future.