Journey creator Jenova Chen drops clues about thatgamecompany's next project

Following the success of Journey, much speculation has surrounded thatgamecompany's next project. Speaking to The Telegraph today, the firm's Jenova Chen offered a few clues.

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Killzoner991961d ago

You release anything on the Xbone and you are dead to the Playstation community. Insomniac has already learned that hard lesson.

FlameHawk1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Dude shut up, everyone knows they are going multi-platform. I'm so tired of stupid PS fanboys on N4G. I am a Playstation supporter myself, owned all playstation consoles and nothing else. Only on N4G is there so many annoying, disgusting fanboys like yourself.

goldwyncq1961d ago

Fanboys like you is what's dragging down the gaming industry. Grow up and stop acting like a damn child. It's not the end of the world if a game goes multiplatform.

BitbyDeath1961d ago

Fuse bombed cause it was a generic shooter not because they went multiplatform

No_Limit1961d ago

Grow up Killzoner, it is people like you that is giving PS owners a bad reputation. Bungie jumped ship and you don't hear Xbox gamers wine and moan about childish nonsense like this.

Yehshuah1960d ago

wow. fanboys dare to threat the developers who helped drove the psn? they did what they can to help sony. it's good for developers to expand to different platforms. more people can enjoy and they get more profit.

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GamerToons1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Yeah yeah I will get hate for this. I thought Journey was worth 2 playthroughs. Each playthrough for me was I believe an hour 45 minutes.

I bought the game for 14 bucks (I think maybe discounted through PS+ for 9.99)

I saw how many game of the year awards it got and I still don't understand why. It was beautiful but 2 hours long? Also the story was that there was no real story. They did it through feeling, which is ok, but it wasn;t as innovative as people pretended it was.

This is what I call overhyped.

There are a lot of Indie games in the market worth the 5-10 bucks I spend on them. I probably will never play Journey again because I know how it ends. There was really no secrets in the game as I hoped. It felt unfinished. And yes I know time shouldn't matter, but for 15 bucks I think the end user deserves more than 2 hours of playtime especially on a non replayable title.

I am not saying Journey sucked. I enjoyed the story and the playthrough. I am saying it wasn't worth 15 bucks on something I will never touch again. I could have watched a playthough on YouTube and it would have been the same "Journey" as mine.

Hicken1960d ago

How do you know someone pretended the game was innovative?

And no, you couldn't have had the same "Journey" from watching a Youtube playthrough.

GamerToons1952d ago

Everyone spoke about how innovative it was. It wasn't

Hicken1951d ago

Oh. I guess I'll take your word for it, rather than my own impression.

YNWA961961d ago

If this was on PS4 it would be awesome, but as a true gamer, if its on X1 it will suck...

YNWA961961d ago

Man... I was being sarcastic..... Its crazy on both sides of the fence on this site.... Gotta have a laugh....

Williamson1961d ago

Well since they are going multiplatform that's good as now a lot people can enjoy the games they make, but if they went exclusive with another console then it would be kind of a slap in the face for PS fans....that's business though.