Don Mattrick May Have Left Microsoft Due To Upcoming Reorganization

According to Fast Company, Microsoft was about to announce a major restructuring of the company, one that would have moved Mattrick to a "newly created hardward division." Mattrick reportedly wanted a bigger role within the company, and hence his departure.

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MariaHelFutura2028d ago

Don Mattrick 'left' because he is the scape goat for all the Xbox One's failures. They've apologised for multiple things over the course of 2 months. The rape joke, their policies, their comments, the reveal, the free games, basically everything.

Xbox One: It only does apologies

darthv722028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

this was all planned out long before the XB1 made its reveal. Zynga has been having problems and it can be assumed that MS letting Matrick go over there to straighten things out could be a sign that MS doesnt want their investment to fall through the cracks.

MS is an investor in both Facebook and Zynga. It benefits them if they can keep that social gaming structure in place and in return they can make it adaptable to their platforms like windows phone and even xb1.

We can speculate all we want but the ones who really know the details are Ms, Zynga and ....Matrick himself.

Executives switch positions with other companies in many cases to build relations or strengthen those relations to benefit both sides. If i recall, it was before E3 in 07 that Peter Moore was in talks to join EA in their sports division. This move didnt happen until after E3 so he was still the person at MS to do their show but they all knew he was going to EA. It helped EA and it also helped the relationship between EA and MS.

We gamers like to think there is this animosity between the suits and the companies when they leave. It doesnt really happen that way but we like to think it does.

Lovable2028d ago

It was all planned? Nah I don't think so.

It's crystal clear that he got fired. This also happened to a company I was working for 3 years. The General Manager got fired, but given the option to do so. Either he gets fired, or just leave. Basically, no choice but to leave the company.

mewhy322028d ago

Don left because he had no choice. You cant screw up this bad and hope to stay employed.

Army_of_Darkness2028d ago

sounds like he jumped ship before he got tossed off of it.

MadMen2028d ago

What an ignorant reply.

The rape joke, LAME if you by into that hype, then GTFO. Could you look more bias, short answer, NO.

Xbox has 2 issues, their policies and price, one has been altered one has until holiday to solve.

I bet you write great paper back fiction as well.

MariaHelFutura2028d ago

No the Xbox has many issues. PR, price, specs, size, mandatory Kinect, the media favoring ps4, gamers favoring ps4, being beat on every online poll, being outsold in preorders, the head of the division leaving, indie policies, less games in development, ps+ making xbl look silly, the Edge magazine cover and looking like they're gonna get outsold by the Playstation for a 3rd time in a row. But sure....

darthv722028d ago

you make some great issues but price and policies are the two real world issues.

Urusernamesucks2028d ago

@hellfutura gee i didnt know pr was some type of software/s. The media favoring the ps4? That might be true but what the hell does it have to do with its specs? All that other crap is opinion based, nothing to do with the system.

famoussasjohn2028d ago

"Just let it happen" was a rape joke? I've heard a lot worse on Xbox Live.

warewolfSS2028d ago

Yeah Geoff keighly even reported yesterday that this was in works for a long time.

Agent_00_Revan2028d ago

Because Geoff is Always a reliable source.

dedicatedtogamers2028d ago

The Microsoft reorg is going to be a much bigger issue than gamers realize (although I imagine most gaming sites won't report on it)

All signs point to the Xbox "Gaming" division vanishing and instead being replaced by a larger Xbox Media division. As such, the new Xbox boss will oversee not only the Xbox One but also multimedia functions on Windows 8 and W8P

EXVirtual2028d ago

Don't know why you're getting dislikes, cos this is a legit comment. With Ballmer now replacing Mattrick, the Xbox division is gonna be shifted even more to multimedia functions. That means they'll be spending more money on TV and sports partnerships.

ABizzel12028d ago

Shareholders have already been pushing for dropping the Xbox Brand or selling it off, and focusing on core Microsoft developments, while the new blood wants the Multimedia push.

UNGR2028d ago

When you're that high up in a company like Microsoft you don't just up and leave, nor do you have another high up job waiting the day you're out. He had this planned out for a couple months at the least.

Urusernamesucks2028d ago

Rape jokes are fine, if they're funny and undirect.
" just let it happen itll be over soon"

Plus that was gameplay smacktalk and everyone loved it

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RandomDude6552028d ago

This WAS the reorganization (or part of it).
Xbox division was/is making Microsoft look really bad

hazardman2028d ago

I know the policies and price are/were a big concern. But imo I think Xbox is one of the better things MS has going for it. MS just gotta do right by gamers and they will be ok.

Megaton2028d ago

Moved to Zynga. That's like the gaming industry version of being shuffled out to a company's arctic branch for screwing up too badly on the mainland.

RandomDude6552028d ago

Zynga: "Join us"
Mattrick: "I'm too good for you guys, and I've got this good gig at MS"
Mattrick: "Hi Zynga, can we be friends?"

EXVirtual2028d ago

Reorganization huh? Well I'm not sure what's gonna happen. I really don't think Mattrcik left because of this though. Whether he left because of the PR disaster or not, this doesn't look good on MS.

H3ADWOUND812028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

They couldn't look any worse right now.. If all else fails, just talk about those games huh? Ms will be professionals in the art of smokescreening by the end of it all...

Dlacy13g2028d ago

MS... Promote Spencer to head Xbox and hire Jason Rubin to take over Microsoft Studios... it would be such a smart move, make it happen!

cyberninja2028d ago

Cannot stand P. Spencer for some reason.

Dlacy13g2028d ago

For me Spencer head and shoulders more likable than Matrick. And I think the world of Jason Rubin and want to see him back in a job that will have him use his talent in our industry.

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