Halo movie still on track

Microsoft has confirmed that plans to produce a Halo movie are still going ahead, despite the decision of Fox and Universal to pull out of the project.

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ElementX4470d ago

This is going to be the worst, corniest movie ever! Think of all those CG Flood racing through hallways and stuff. I can't believe they're trying to cash in on Hollywood. Bungie should stick to games, it's what they do best. They shouldn't sell their IP scripting rights to anyone, they'll just ruin it.

Yo Wassap4470d ago

No way will it be the worst or corniest movie ever. You've obviously not seen Uwe Boll films otherwise you would not have said that.
Anyway i'm sure Peter Jackson will pull something out from his magic hat.

ElementX4470d ago

Well ok, it won't be the corniest, however it won't be as good as an X-Men adaptation. It'll probably be something more in the lines of Spawn or Fantastic-4 in terms of corniness.

calderra4470d ago

Just some notes...

"They shouldn't sell their IP scripting rights to anyone"
-They didn't. Bungie and Microsoft retain all creative control. That's one of the points that Fox and universal didn't like.

"Think of all those CG Flood racing through hallways and stuff"
-As opposed to the CG ones in Halo? Heh. But seriously WETA's working on this. Think about the nastiest Orcs from Lord of the Rings like the one-eyed captain guy in Return. You've got a good starting point for what WETA can do here even sans-CG.

ElementX4470d ago

I just think it's a bad idea, pure and simple. Even if the Bungie people write a script, it just won't be the same. Halo is a game, not a movie. It shouldn't be made into something it's not.

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BIadestarX4470d ago (Edited 4470d ago )

I'm sure microsoft is being trying to see how they can grab a piece of the movie industry; plus this will bring more awareness to the xbox brand. What other title you think microsoft should use to do this? Unlike Sony Microsoft does have at least one original first party game that can make it into the big screen and this is Halo. It can't be worst the Nintendo's Mario Bros a while back or even Tomb Raider.

calderra4470d ago

Wow, I can't believe you managed to sneak some anti-Sony bits in here. Anyway... yes, Sony has tons of great IPs that could go to the movie screen. Games like Final Fantasy just beg to be made into movies!

Oops... wait....

BIadestarX4469d ago

You also managed to show your level of intelligence. Final Fantasy is not a sony's "original first party" title. Don't say spiderman! I said first Party not some IP owned by a third party developer!

joemutt4470d ago

Maybe it will release when Gears 2 ships.

DJ4470d ago

Actually, I'm starting wonder if it would be better off as a CG flick rather than something that's live action, considering how much CG they'd be using anyway. Weta kicks ass, so they're obviously going to do justice to the series.

In response to Bladestar, I'm not sure if Sony could do the same thing. Seeing God of War on the big screen would be nice, but it'd be a hell of a lot harder to find the right actor. After Advent Children, I have a lot more faith in mature CG flicks so they'd probably go that route.

Qofthedead4469d ago

If both of the biggest studios in the industry wont touch it that should be a hint to stop. I mean if this really hot chick wants to bang you and all her X-bfs say she has syphilis...are you going to give her a test anyways just because shes a hot piece of meat?

BIadestarX4469d ago (Edited 4469d ago )

The game has enough fans that even if the movie is half good; it will still make lots of money.
Also, considering that Halo have the support from microsoft and can afford all the talent that money can buy, it has a better chance of being good then one of those fall movies.

also.. condons anyone? just kidding! hah!

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