FastCompany: Meet Former Xbox Boss Don Mattrick, Who Just Left Microsoft To Turn Around Zynga

News that Don Mattrick is leaving Microsoft as president of the company's Interactive Entertainment unit to run Zynga was a shock when it broke on Monday--to Microsoft, in particular. Just days before the company planned to announce a massive reorganization and months before the release of Xbox One, there was no contingency plan for Mattrick's departure--a sign that almost no one had a clue.

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Prcko1936d ago

I hope something will change in xbox company after this...

finbars751936d ago

You know what drives me crazy about the whole Don mattricks PR nightmare is the fact that if he didnt say anything about the xboxone information then guess what all you xbox fanboys would be in for a rude awakening come launch time.Think about it he really just did you guys a favor even if it was bad on his part.I gurantee that the xboxone would still have drm in it,you would have to have internet connection to play sp games ect.You honestly thing they would have dropped all those things from the xboxone if nothing was thankful this happened because im sure guys like Steve Ballmer wouldnt had said anything and this discussion wouldnt be taken place and there would be an outrage down the road which would be a little to late for changes that close to launch.MS are showing gamers there true colors now and im sure something will take place before release that will be frowned upon by the time xboxone is available.

GiantEnemyCrab1936d ago

I always thought the guy looked sloppy and creepy. He does not make a good face for Xbox. Bring back J Allard!

1936d ago
dazzrazz1936d ago

I highly doubt he left for a company that makes Facebook games and is slowly dying for past couple of years, I bet he got simply fired after the whole E3 post E3 fiasco

listenkids1936d ago

Turn around Zynga? You don't bring it shit to wash away shit.

Revvin1936d ago

You can't polish a turd but you can roll it in glitter

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