David Cage on PS4 being “way easier to develop for than PS3″ and criticism of his games

The Beyond: Two Souls creator chats to OPM about PS4 and responds to criticism that his games aren't interactive enough.

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1932d ago
DEATHxTHExKIDx1932d ago

devs keep saying PS4 is easier to develop for does this mean we will be getting games faster?

1nsomniac1932d ago

Thats the idea, see Mark Cerny's "Time-to-Triangle".

Chaostar1932d ago

Either that or they'll spend the extra time making the games better, it's win-win :D

Wintersun6161932d ago

I hope more devs would start adding more easter eggs and unlockables.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1932d ago

devs keep saying PS4 is easier to develop for does this mean we will be getting games faster?

Unfortunatley no (For the big budget games anyway) games will actually take longer to make next gen with all the added features they have available.

DigitalAnalog1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

According to Cerny, yes. The reason why Knack wasn't developed on the PS3 is that a "year's dev" time was eliminated when designed for the PS4.

Not to mention the development to set-up a working prototype will rival that on the PS1, so any extra development time that was wasted in the past systems can now be focused on actual game design. Imagine TLOU with faster and more refined polish than the state it is today.

elhebbo161932d ago

maybe coding would be faster, but the actual process of making a game from the conceptualization of it to the legal work is a very long process. well at least for great games of course, CoD would still take 2 years (or less). also developers wont just release games fast, that would just saturate the market.

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Genuine-User1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

His games are all about interaction. I love both Indigo Prophecy and Heavy rain.

Zichu1932d ago

I'm glad that it's easier to develop for than the PS3, but they haven't mentioned it's difficulty compared to the X1 or 360...

If the X1 is easier than the PS4, why would you develop a game on a console that's harder than another console?

Just saying...

Roper3161932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

because Sony allows their developers creative freedom to make their games. Would you ever see a game like Heavy Rain on the 360? Absolutely not imho!

Some people care more about their creative freedom than ease of development or one of MS's checks.

warewolfSS1932d ago

Your one of the people that think Sony care about them..... Aren't you?

Roper3161932d ago

absolutely not! No company cares about anyone and I'll even give you an example of Sony ripping people off, Vita memory cards are proprietary and over priced.

But Sony does allow their developers creative freedom which is why the PS brand gets games like HR & Beyond from developers like QD. where MS does not weather you want to admit it or not I couldn't careless because I know it to be true.

Heck MS's even forces developers like Valve to charge for DLC they wanted to give away for free and people like you don't have a problem with that which I will never understand.

tarbis1932d ago

Giving us lots of games like TLOU, Beyond, Tales of Xillia, Atelier Series, Disgaea D2, Gran Turismo 6, Toki Towa, Soul Sacrifice, Dragon's Crown, Freedom Wars, Toukiden and not even counting upcoming great exclusive indie games.
Yeah, Sony don't care about them at all and giving a hard time making those games unlike M$' upcoming exclusive titles like...... more kinect games..... oh yeah they'll beat Sony to death with more exclusive kinect games.

WickedLester1932d ago

"If the X1 is easier than the PS4..."

It's not.

Qrphe1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

The PS4 doesn't have complicated SDRAM workarounds to keep up graphical fidelity, so it's definitely easier to code for.

Why develop for the X1? Because the profit from it will offset the development obviously. Same reason PS3 got games while the 360 was easier to develop for.

Sevir1932d ago

I'm glad experiences like this exist on the PS platform. Bring on Beyond just before the PS4... This holiday Season is gonna be a busy and exciting one!

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