Mario Kart 8 Developers Meet


Met only last year , Hideki Konno (producer and manager of the first Software Development Group in Kyoto) came accompanied by Kosuke Yabuki (director of Mario Kart 7 and future Mario Kart 8 ) for a new round of questions and answers to E3 2013.

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Saints941933d ago


Is there motorcycles in this game and is Dry Bowser a playable character?

ZeekQuattro1933d ago

Not sure about Dry Bones but motorcycles are back. Check out the E3 trailer on youtube or something of that nature.

7uff11933d ago

Will you have to choose between automatic or manual?

Triforce0791933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Make 200cc an ultra fast option for the hardened gamer ???

AJBACK2FRAG1931d ago

I can't wait to purchase this game! It looks so sweet and smooth. Nice!