Microsoft: Don Mattrick Turned The Xbox Business Round

Aaron Greenburg hails departing Interactive Entertainment Business president

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xHeavYx1961d ago

Yes he did, not in the right direction though, either that or best double agent ever

Prcko1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

well,zynga here i come

GameCents1961d ago

Yes, because profit is a bad thing. SONY must have been doing superbly these last 5 years until Kaz came in and ruined it with his stupid profit. -_____-

sentury1111961d ago

I like the Xbox but he's right this guy didn't do it any favors. His legacy is the Kinect 1. Since he came aboard MS has released few AAA exclusives and fewer new IPs.

The brand was growing faster before he took over.

Happy to see him go. Curious to learn what the next head does.

nukeitall1961d ago


On the contrary, the brand now rivals if not exceed Playstation on many areas.

There are more gamers on Xbox platform than it has ever been.

I think broadening the appeal is the right thing. The last thing you want is gaming turning back into a nerdy thing of the past.

I never once felt there wasn't enough games on the Xbox 360, and now looking forward to Xbox One, I can confidently say the games are massive and many. Can't wait!

Just share they dropped the game sharing and went back to stone age physical disc.

6DEAD6END61961d ago

I dont know why but Aaron Greenburg gets on my nerves, he just seems like a serious fanboy.

givemeshelter1961d ago

I think many on this site honestly believe the console business is about charity and not making profit...

InTheLab1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

You have no idea what business is, do you? The first thing you learn is that you have a responsibility to your customer.

Profit>ethics is the downfall of most major corporations.

So tired of seeing this ignorant's insanity unless you're a shareholder.

edit: I'll give you a little context before I go. If all that matters is profit, everyone would use child labor and products filled with haz mats like lead. It's not always about profit...

UnHoly_One1961d ago

Yes, it is always about profit.

There are many ways to achieve this goal, and looking at any two companies you are going to see two different methods, but regardless the end result is that they are trying to make money.

Some might take an approach where they make less profit in the short term in order to appeal to more people and gather a big following in the process, thus making more profit down the road. Others take the "greedy" approach and gouge everyone for everything, etc, etc...

There are a thousand approaches for a thousand corporations, but in the end it's ALWAYS about profit.

nukeitall1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )


See that is where you are all wrong!

If you run your business unethically, it will bury your business faster than you can say bankrupt!

Btw, there is nothing wrong with child labor. People have been having child labor far longer than it hasn't!

It is more about the condition of child labor that is disconcerting.

I don't think any of you run a business?

If you do, you would know that sometimes some customers aren't worth the effort even if it is high profit, because it is too much hassle.

Once you reach a certain stage in the company, then certain customers aren't worth the hassle until they become a big problem and then you have to court them again. Then the cycle starts over.

Remember when Sony was the big bad company gouging you everywhere. Then the company went downhill, and hasn't recovered. Stock is near 15-20 year low and had to sell a bunch buildings to stay a float.

This inevitably happens to every company.

BigBoss19641961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

And possibly single handedly destroyed it in just a month...very impressive

Edward751961d ago

@gamecents What you said was correct, but this article has nothing to do with Sony. That being said, all the people on this site are gamers. I can't say if Mattrick is or not, but I can say for sure he is a businessman. If anyone can disagree that he helped turn the Xbox name into a household name. Or dispute the first paragraph that is highlighted, then it would only be out of pure fanboyism, and a hate for microsoft. AS A BUSINESSMAN, NOT A GAMER, he has turned microsofts gaming division from a newcomer in the console business to a profitable, challenger to the companies that were mainstays in that area. How anyone can disagree with that is beyond any logical reasoning. This article isn't saying he turned the games around, or how much we like or dislike microsoft gaming as a whole, just that he turned the Xbox BUSINESS around. He did his job and did it well. Many people seem to forget we don't make up the majority of gamers. (Those on this site) our opinions matter, but are only a chapter in the book of gaming,so to speak.

And as a businessman , though many might not approve of the direction recently, he did a great job of making Xbox relivent, and gave another option for gamers that is comparable to the systems out there from other company choices.

sentury1111961d ago

I disagree. He came in after (2007-8) the brand already turned a profit. All he did was slow the growth and lose market share to Sony. I call that failing at business.

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