Coming soon to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace - July 2nd Edition

Major Nelson's Blog writes:

"Here is a look at some of the upcoming content scheduled for the Xbox LIVE Marketplace."

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Stryfeno21987d ago

Walking Dead is a must buy...Im also going to pick up that Borderlands DLC to go with the dirt cheap deal of
Borderlands I got today.

SJPFTW1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

the Ultimate Game Sale is some of the best deals i have seen outside of Steam. Mass Effect, Dragon age are $5. Max Payne 3 $10, and Far Cry 3, Broderlands 2 and XCOM are $20. Not bad really

mrmarx1986d ago

i got xcom for free with ps plus 2 weeks ago and saints row 3 last week and battlefield 3 this week plus a few vita and psps games

SJPFTW1986d ago

lol you didnt get xcom for free you merely rented it, you have to keep paying a subscription to keep playing play it. Battlefield 3 is is 2 years old already and already 14.99 at gamestop, so its really no big deal.

also you don't need Gold to to access to these killer deals which is awesome and you actually own these games forever.

its okay man you don't have to justify your PSN plus subscription purchase to me, cool store though

mrmarx1987d ago

i see the xbots thumbing down truth once again.. sighs don't get upset with me because ou get some dlc discounts and a few games that already cost that price at retail. when ps3 gets battlefield 3 for FREE and FREE vita and psp games.. smh that not en including the usual discounts and themes. btw i have an xbox i just know better quality when i see it. too bad you like getting rped b microsoft or your too dumb to open your eyes and see the truth. anyway enjoy your free 5 year old xbox arcade game while the rest of us play battlefield 3

No_Limit1987d ago

"anyway enjoy your free 5 year old xbox arcade game while the rest of us play battlefield 3"

LOL, battlefied 3, got that game on launch day a few years back and played it to death already. Real gamers don't wait for games to be cheap or free to play, they buy it from the beginning. That is like waiting to see The Avengers at the discounted dollar theater 8 months after the initial release. Well enjoy your free battlefield 3. LOL

mrmarx1987d ago

me too.. but the fact its free is cool. i had a dude ask me if it was angood the other day because he said he was bored with call of duty. here's his opportunity to see if he likes it...
FOR FREE. not borrow and have to buy an online pass.. also it just makes the servers more full with new players

iamgoatman1987d ago

"ps3 gets battlefield 3 for FREE and FREE vita and psp games.. "

That you have to PAY a subscription for, which disappear when you stop PAYING that subscription.

mrmarx1987d ago

what do you get with gold.. i think it should be free i mean you did have to pay for 6 plus years worth of batteries for your controller

roland821987d ago

Enjoy trying to get into a room on bf3 without any dlc.