Exploring the Ouya – Part 1

"Now that the Ouya is officially released in the UK, two staff members from DarkZero decided to get hold of the device and take the little Android box for a spin. The video below is the first of a collection of videos - spanning roughly four hours - showcasing their experience with the system and what games are available at launch. This is raw, unedited footage, so you can all see their natural response to some of the surprises thrown at them during the Ouya experience."

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nrvalleytime1962d ago

As sad as this sounds, I'll stick to my iPhone. The market for the Ouya just isn't there quite yet.

shivvy241962d ago

this system looks like its for people who would just use it for emulation !

caliman871962d ago

the ouya is cool for what it is. The games look great on my tv. Plus you install android xbmc to what videos

ala_7671962d ago

Sorry I came to the wrong page by thinking its a PS4/Xbone 1 article....

mastershredder1962d ago

No doubt is it a haven for Emus, but it is also a device by developers for developers.

They have made a very accessible route for indies and those just starting out to get games onto a console (with less hoops and red tape).

We are porting a few games over to test the waters out. I can't say I'm a fan of the UI, the design is really ugggh. Performance varies on some titles too, but I seriously doubt some bothered fully optimizing their games before publishing them over to Ouya.

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