This Is My Joystick Podcast: The Smile of Zen

Neil Hickton and Andy Buick are joined by actor/comedian/DJ Smiley Dave. After spending what must have been literally minutes of their precious lives considering the content of this month’s podcast, they decided to throw away the notes and get down to some serious gamer discussion that may not have been recorded. Though fear not; this month’s podcast will not disappoint as it’s jam-packed with riveting content! Neil interviews no less than three developers this month! Enjoy great interviews with these wonderful and very gracious game developers: Thomas Ryder (House on Fire), Kent Hudson (The Novelist), and Matt Kempke (Daedalic Entertainment).

This month’s Rezzed at the NEC Birmingham was a great source of enjoyment for all who attended.

Neil talks to TIMJ minicasters Beth and Zack about their experiences there, and they tell us what games and/or developers take the prestigious award of the minicast’s favourites of the show!

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