PGO | The Last of Us Review

Fresh of completing the game JD-Cloud gives us his thoughts on Naughty Dogs latest title, The Last of Us, describing it as the greatest gaming experience he has have ever had...

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Ezz20131959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

well it seem most critcs agree on that
and i too agree

The_Truth_24_71958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Without even reading it, I'm guessing the game got a 10/10.

calvincrack1958d ago

dude. last of us isn't even naughty dog's most fun game.


Mr Tretton1958d ago

I'm looking forward to playing it and I'm sure it's great and I love ND's games, but I got a feeling it's being overrated, just like Bioshock Infinite...then the dust settled.

People feel good about something being 'The Best' in their time, and are also quick to forget all the other stuff they've ever played when you are hyped and focused on 1 game.

Ezz20131958d ago

well, you should play it first before you judge it as overrated

Allsystemgamer1958d ago

Play before you judge it. I was skeptical too and didn't buy into the hype.

Then I bought it and couldn't stop playing

Mr Tretton1958d ago

Did I say it was overrated? I said I got a feeling. Mainly because I think the game looks like it lacks too many things about good games to be the greatest of all time.

In comparison, as much as I liked Uncharted 2, I didn't buy into the whole 'greatest game ever made' thing. It was good, but I think it was pure PS fanboy hype.

Hicken1958d ago

A great gaming experience doesn't have to be "fun." Journey was superb, but I wouldn't say it was "fun." It was an enjoyable, unforgettable experience, but that's not automatically fun.

TLOU is a great experience that's just a little too tense, a little too gritty to be classified as fun. That doesn't mean it's a bad game; on the contrary, there are few games that you can enjoy without having fun, so pulling that off is an accomplishment in and of itself.

babis19741958d ago

one of the best games ever so far(my opinion + i play games since spectrum for those who know)

Rhomiel1958d ago

Best game I ever played.