Gran Turismo 6 demo released – footage inside

DarkZero writes: "Below is a playthrough of the demo to demonstrate its structure and the integration of the GT Academy competition (and a spin-out at the end)."

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nrvalleytime1935d ago

Sweet lord, I need this game.

abzdine1935d ago

i just tried it and the graphics and physics feel much better

ramtah1935d ago

No thanks. it looks like gt5 dont see any diffrense

berndogskate1935d ago

check out the suspension man fs)

IRetrouk1935d ago

So you have not played it then?

GMWPS31935d ago

GT6 is looking extremely polished! The lighting is excellent and a noticeable improvement from GT5. The handling and tyre models are very good too. You can feel a tyre lose grip and then regain it as you lighten up on your lead foot! I can't wait for the final game release!

Darth Gamer1935d ago ShowReplies(1)
wishingW3L1935d ago

I still can't find the demo on the NA store! I've been looking for it since yesterday, why is it so difficult!

Faztkiller1935d ago

NA store hasn't updated yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.