Gran Turismo 6 Demo Videos in 1080p HD

Check out some 1080p videos from the Gran Turismo 6 demo.

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Muerte24942030d ago

I thought Ps3 couldn't do 1080p? Before you Forza fans start chiming in. IT's anamorphic 1080p which isn't the same as Full HD. But this doesn't change the fact that it's 1080p nonetheless.

Fishy Fingers2028d ago

Yeah, its non 1080, 1080p. WOOT!

Anyway, silly tech spec spin aside, the game looks great as you'd expect. Looking to throw all my money at next gen later in the year, but I might just have to pick this up.

SolidStoner2028d ago

The best part is that the driving part in a driving game just got better! how cool is that?!!? :)

and we got birds on track!!! its better than fish!!

Timesplitter142028d ago

I am still left with the impression that they really should've done GT6 for the PS4

SolidStoner2027d ago

they started to create it before ps4.. thats why its on PS3...

I agree.. I also want it to be more on PS4... but PS3 owners need to be happy about GT6.. I myself will buy a ps4 only next year... well maybe this year.. will see..

wishingW3L2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

it comes at the cost of huge aliasing issues though.

Foxgod2028d ago

I dont think anybody ever claimed that the Ps3 cant do 1080.
Some people however, where claiming that GT6 runs FullHD.
Which opened up a discussion in which some people said it cant do 1080 as in 1920X1080.

The current resolution is 1280x1080.
And that isnt really much higher then the 1280x720 that Forza 4 runs at.

A lot of people where downplaying Forza for being 720P by claiming that GT5 runs at Full hd, and thus at a much higher res then Forza 4, while the difference is no more then 360 pixels.

So no wonder that a lot of Forza fans felt they had to correct some statements.

Gran Touring2028d ago

I'm not trying to bolster or downplay either game, but there is a significant technical difference between the resolutions of GT5 and Forza 4. Namely, GT5 outputs 50% more pixels on screen than Forza 4; you might want to check your math again.

You can argue about which game looks better, but from a technical standpoint, the engine powering GT5 is working harder.

Foxgod2027d ago

Sorry, i dont see how 360 pixels, is 50% more.

Lvl_up_gamer2027d ago

Lets not forget that Forza runs at a constant 60 fps while GT does not.

HammadTheBeast2028d ago

Wipeout HD does native 1080 p.

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DrGonzo2029d ago

Body roll is surprisingly exaggerated. You probably couldn't get that much extension on a Leafs suspension if you put it on a lift! Still looking forward to the game though.

Crazyglues2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

You know it's a funny thing, to the average person it probably looks like GT6 is just like GT5...

-But that would be a huge mistake, and I'll tell you why... I Loved and played GT5 to death, I mean I played it a lot and I love racing games. -(Trust me when I tell you they refined it completely) -and it' a much better game, it's really amazing now.

And you can't put a price on the refinement (like is it worth 60 bucks) because it would take years for other games to feel as good as GT6 feels now.. Don't underestimate that part, you can't see it like graphics but it takes just as much work to make it feel that good.

For example you said the Leaf would not have that much body roll, have you ever done 60 to 80 miles per hour in your car while turning.. trust me, it's going to be some serious body roll.. Don't believe me..

Watch this - fast forward to 1:20 -

I would say that now the game is more realistic then it's ever been, for example in GT5 you would take a turn to fast like going 60 in a 40mph turn. -Wheels would scream and you would lose grip.

(but in real life you would still make that turn but you would just hear the car screaming and leaning before it would ever lose grip)

Well now that's how GT6 is, you go into a turn just a little too fast, and you can still control it, just like in real life you now feel the car pulling hard before it loses grip, you feel the lean, you hear the screaming of the tires about to give out.. It's just more real then it's ever been.

-And because of that it feels amazing, the refinements in 6 are really a site to behold, and you can easily over look them because they don't seem like a big deal at first.. -But they are..

All the jaggies from GT5 are gone, All the awful load times gone.. feels so much smoother and faster, really nice job.. Graphics may not look better but they are, they really are, grass looks more real, the road looks like real gravel it's so much better then GT5 and you could easily over look that..

The cars are better refined, sure they only exceed GT5 graphics slightly and by a little but keep in mind GT5 was already insane, but now in 6 they are so clean and refined that it's pretty amazing.. (In 5 just the cars looked really good, but now the grass the building, even the guys in the pit look much better, it's an overall refinement)

Even the sound is better... it's done much better now.

Is 6 worth getting, well if your a car fanatic or racing game fan like me it's a must have.. To the average gamer, they may pass on it, but that in my opinion would be a mistake..

It's what 5 should have been, it's a much better racing game, and it's worth it's weight in gold. If your searching for the game that is closest to real life this is it, this is what it's like to drive a 350z at 80 mph.. It doesn't get more real then this, unless you buy the car... LoL

||.........___||............ ||

Orbilator2028d ago

Totally agree, well argued, beat me to it, people who say its worse than 5 or a step backwards are not gt players, or need to go see an optician or fire up their xbot and forza and play that instead.

LonDonE2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

People have to bear in mind these footage are from the gt academy demo, which is just over 1gb, and so has allot of compressed textures, trust me the full game will look so much better, it was like that with gt5 too, the full game will have the proper textures,and sounds, etc, but anyway visuals aside, the feel of a gran turismo game is near priceless!

I love forza, and in my opinion forza is a overall better racing game, but GRAN TURISMO is the better driving simulator! the physics alone leave forza standing, sorry but its true, but obviously my opinion, regardless, their is a reason why real race car drivers all use gran turismo to train, its as close as you can get to racing a car on the track,for consoles.

I do wish they made a gt game for PS4 at launch, since forza on x1 will be bringing all the guns, shame but its all good, PS3 graphics are not bad by any standards, i will just have to play gt6 on my ps3 then!!

DrGonzo2026d ago

Ive driven plenty of cars at speed and gotten paid to do so. The video you posted doesn't even come close to the amount of body roll that's on display on the screen shots of the videos above. Not saying the handling hasn't been improved; it absolutely has. It feels much better than GT5 overall. But the body roll on display is a bit absurd, its much closer to old muscle cars of the 60s with their soft floaty suspension.

Knushwood Butt2028d ago

I was thinking that myself when watching my replays earlier.

Maybe they are exaggerating so that your average Joe can actually spot the difference?

InsaneGam3r2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

Nothing has changed, similar to GT5

mcstorm2028d ago

I agree in some way but from looking at the videos they have fixed the frame drops which is one the my biggest issues with GT5. For me this is what GT5 should of been. Nice to see PD treating the GT fans with another PS3 game before they make the PS4 version. Just a shame I wont get this game as ive just sold my PS3 due to getting ready to getting a Xbox one on day one but im sure the GT fans will love this game and if the videos are anything to go by this game will get high scores too.

Knushwood Butt2028d ago

Either you know nothing about GT5, or you simply don't know what you're talking about..

If you think nothing has changed, go to the second 370Z race at the Autumn Ring (you probably didn't get that far, but..), disable all assists, including ABS, then hit the road.

It's NOTHING like GT5.

Walker2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

Looks same and occasionally worse than GT5 ! What the hell are you doing Polyphony Digital ?! :|

HammadTheBeast2028d ago

I dont think its fair to compare the full GT5 game with a 1 GB demo with highly compressed textures. Just look at the trees, they're obvious placeholders.

wyattman2028d ago

After playing project cars on PC this game feels like an archaic relic. They should have waited until next gen for this. Too bad.

sly-Famous2028d ago

GT is a driving sim. apples and oranges bud

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