GameStop's Official PS3 Game Releases was able to get GameStop's latest PS3 new game releases. They also were able to upload some scans of the sheets listed by title.

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Iamback5467d ago

all GOW got released in March

gaffyh5467d ago

I like how 2 of that guys "picks" are Madden and Nascar. What a retard, there's these great games coming out like Resistance 2, MGS4, LBP and he chooses Nascar and Madden...

RRoDx3605467d ago

It's called personal preference. Something you should learn to accept and not call people names because they prefer something different than your own.

On topic: Yes I can't wait for God of War 3. It'll be smooth sailing after April 29th (GTAIV) until then.

Bloodshedder5466d ago (Edited 5466d ago )

April fools!

and i couldnt make out the day for kill zone!

Pain5466d ago

need more mola !!

@Blood's avatar ouch!

WisinYandel5466d ago

sept 1 2008? omg cant wait if true

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Ri0tSquad5467d ago

06/12/08 - Metal Gear Solid 4

Eh, Doubt it

Harry1905467d ago

why would the 12th of June be wrong?

Obama5467d ago

I thought June IS the latest confirmed release date.

Ghoul5467d ago (Edited 5467d ago )

thats a confusion with europe and us date codes

in europe we put the month on the SECOND place

so its 12.6.08

while the us put month in the first place


EDIT :: nvm his profile says he is from the us ...
and yes june is the release date

heyheyhey5467d ago

"The Legend of Spyro: The Darkest Hour"- lol there's a new spyro game and they don't tell us anything about it- that sucks, i love spyro

also did you see the release dat for God of War 3????? i knew it would be March, but im so glad that it's so early- we will definitley be shown something at E3 or TGS

02/03/09- most epic game ever gets released

Hagaf225467d ago

every gamestop has this and theres nothing secret about it, if you go in and ask to look at their preorder list this is what they will hand you, i dont know why its such "Big News" every time some one sumbits it, plus its gamestop, their dates are just based on the latest info they have, there is nothing set in stone about these dates. they are subject to change just like every other date posted

Fishy Fingers5467d ago

Skint couple of months ahead for Fingers :)

lol, not often im happy about being skint.

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The story is too old to be commented.