PC vs Console: Where lies the future of gaming?

MWEB GameZone writer, James Wernich takes a look at the platform that could control the future of gaming, whether it is PC or console.

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HanCilliers1933d ago

Great read! I've been thinking about this exact same thing. I've been a PC gamer my entire life, but with all the new developments in console I have to admit, its looking like the better platform

decrypt1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Lol how so, this is console propaganda at best. Let me break it down to you.

The writer opens the following topics:

1. PC needing constant upgrades- He is on crack at best. Its well known a PC gamer doesnt have to upgrade if he doesnt want to and still have better graphics quality vs the console counter part. A 8800GTX from 6 years back is still more relevant today than any of todays consoles. So where does the constant upgrade arguement come up?

2. CPU, RAM, Motherboard need to be changed every time a GPU needs a upgrade- This is not true at all. Any one owning a I5 750 from 5 years back still doesnt need to change that CPU. A simple OC is all thats needed along with a a new GPU. Specially considering next consoles are coming equipped with Tablet Net books CPUs, An I5 from 5 years back is still way ahead of them.

3. Gaming peripherals really? who buys those ever so often, the last time i bought a mouse was 4-5 years back samething for my keyboard.

Overall the author has no clue what he is writing about, a completely console biased article.

A next gen console will set you back 400-500usd. Then you need to pay to go online so thats a yearly cost. You cant play any of your old games on it so thats a further loss might be in thousands of dollars who bought many games this gen. Judging by current gen, the console probably will need replacement in 3-4 years time. When you do replace it again you will be stuck at the same power level and end up paying more than what you would have for a PC in the first place.

In comparison a PC that will out do the next consoles would cost 500-600usd. Hell you could bump that figure to 700-800usd(the difference isnt bank breaking when you look at it) just for the safe side however on the plus side:

No online charges
Full BC (i have over 175 games on Steam, most bought on discounts, no worries not being able to play them once a new gen starts, i dont have to be having machines from different eras to play my older games).
Can play any of your old games.
Way better graphics
Will last alot longer than 3-4 years (just replacing the console after 3-4 years would end up making the costs go above the PC).
Cheaper games every game bought on PC is 10-20usd cheaper (anyone buying 15-20 games a year already saved 200-400usd a year multiply that by 5 and you see how console gaming is expensive in the long run).

Bottom line in the long term PC is always cheaper and a superior gaming experience.

zeal0us1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Console mainly because majority of publishers make most of their money on that platform compared PC. Not to mention most AAA exclusives are release on consoles. While PC will always be the go-to platform for high-end gaming and mods.

GabeSA1933d ago

I think we will find a large debate on what is better. I don't think any PC gamer can give a fair assessment or choice until the Next Gen consoles have been released. I am excited about this.

HoldenZA1933d ago

I cant think of gaming without both tbh. I love my console and my PC has all of the 'other' games that I enjoy playing.

snipab8t1933d ago

I was a pc gamer up until my computer became so out of date I could barely run COD 4. Ever since I have had my console I don't think I could go back to Pc. There is just something so much more natural about the method of gaming and it is just so much more simple for someone like me who doesn't know too much about specs and stuff. I think the majority of PC gamers who hate on consoles and vise-verse just base their claims on the fact they haven't actually tried the alternative.

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