New Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Screenshots and Render Show Everyone’s Favorite Boy Hope

Everyone hates Hope, or at least almost everyone. Yet he seems to manage to sneak his way with a primary role in every episode of the Lightning Saga.

Square Enix just released a new batch of screenshots of and a render of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII featuring everyone’s “favorite” golden boy.

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Chaos_Raiden1935d ago

Thanks for the share. A bit surprised that Square Enix did not use an adult version of Hope for this game...

Mounce1934d ago

Too many fangirls would wet their pants if they did...

Ksar1935d ago

"Everyone hates Hope"


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arronax-11930d ago

Unless you're talking about the either what happened in Augusta Tower, in which those events we're changed thanks to Sarah, or the ending, in which both he AND Noel survived. So no, he shouldn't be dead.

Noami1935d ago

SE doing the whole puttin little things of other games on this game meaning they still have no clue how to make a original game anymore, or a good game..imo atleast for the main dev team of the final series i know ffxiv,ff15 are looking great in term of story and originality cause of the producers/directors..
maybe they should convine the KH group with Yoshi and continue doing the future final fantasy games

Skate-AK1935d ago

Shame on SE. Trying to use people's love for FF7 and Cloud to get them to pre order FF13-3.

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