10 Current Generation Console Exclusives To Get Excited About

HUGG writes: Sticking with the current generation of consoles? Don’t worry. There are plenty of games that are still to come and exclusive to the Xbox 360 & PS3.

Perhaps you are happy with the current generation of consoles, maybe you want to wait 12 months before jumping onto the next-gen band waggon or possibly (like me) you just can’t justify spending £350+ on a new console right now. It’s not the end of the world. The current generation of consoles is still receiving a huge amount of support and there are plenty of games to get excited about. Check out our list of the top games that are current generation console exclusives.

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Need4Game1987d ago

With the Power of GAIKAI, PS3 may as well play PS4 exclusives.

FlameHawk1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

No..... just no.

EDIT: Why am I getting dislikes?
1. Doing that is very unlikely.
2. Gaikai is going to be only on PS4.
3. The comment has absolutely nothing to do with the article.

Only on N4G....

fsfsxii1987d ago

I agree with you.
If they can bring PS4 games on PS3, them whats the point of PS4??

Need4Game1987d ago

1. PS3 install base of 70 million units

2. PS4 projected Install Base by 2015, ~30 million++

3. Selling same game on PS3(+GAIKAI) & PS4 = More Profit

More money to improved PSN & stimulate faster cheaper Internet connection.

TheHybrid1987d ago

Because you aren't dealing with fair and logical ppl. You are dealing with PS4 fanboys. They don't care about logic. They just want to keep playing their on the rails, linear single player, offline games without any change ever.

CrimsonStar1987d ago

Well if they did that then they wouldn't be Ps4 exclusives now would they? That would also hurt their Next gen sells.

TuCk3rO1987d ago

So true, even with the amount of quality titles been announced for next-gen there still is so much to come out for my beloved PS3. Cant wait for Beyond: Two Souls that looks great. And of course GTAV and GT6 go without saying.

mandf1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

wrong post my bad.

Magnus1987d ago

I so want South Park stick of truth it looks very interesting.