The Last of Us Review | Did-Not-Finish

The Last of Us is a triumph of video game narrative. You owe it to yourself to experience it. The game mechanics aren’t perfect, and the combat can get a little stale, but those are needless talking points judged next to everything that is beyond amazing in this game becomes. I love The Last of Us. Go play it for yourself, so that you can lie in bed trying to make sense of all the stuff that you experience. Let me know if you succeed.

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Valkyre2120d ago

Ιt is amazing how much recognition this game has received.

And it is totally deserving...

This is perhaps the most mature and amazing videogame i have ever played.

I honestly think it is the game with most perfect scores received ever in the history of videogames.

Naughty Gods.

babis19742120d ago

It's a rare diamond in the game industry, a landmark to be remembered as the start on new way to "feel" playing games. For me it's a unique game and every gamer should "play" this "game".

Ezz20132119d ago

I-Already-DID-Finish-twice :P