Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam Wii remote VS Project 8's PS3 SixAxis controller

Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam with the Wii remote controller Versus Tony Hawk's Project 8 with the PlayStation 3 SixAxis controller.

A comparison video shows how both Activision games control.

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Haller4475d ago

Thats Awesome ! GO PS3 !!

Scythesean4475d ago

The Wii just doesn't seem to provide that much. The PS3 verison was more relistic and the Wii was just a racer and the controller didn't seem needed at all.

GameOn4475d ago

Just because it was faster, but they are very different.

ChickeyCantor4475d ago

its faster and the Ps3 version looks really dull....( im saying the game is dull not the PS3)

ScorpioKyle4475d ago

i don't know if it was just a problem with the video, but the PS3 controls didn't seem as responsive. There seemed to be a slight delay.

ChickeyCantor4475d ago

i dont think it has a late response, just look how much he had to move his arm before it got to the angle where his character goes to the left or right

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