Windows & Xbox Platform – There IS a Difference & Fanboys Need to Know

For those who don't know, I have a Youtube channel called BlackBusterShow. I discuss and report gaming news, and just LOVE to touch of the negative aspects of the Xbox Platform and Microsoft themselves. But there is a very common misunderstanding that I've seen throughout the years. It comes from the Xbox & Microsoft fanboys; while they cannot disprove my points about their favorite company or console, they instead claim that using Windows is the same as supporting Microsoft on the Xbox. They also believe that Microsoft has some kind of ownership on the PC crowd, and can therefore call games shared between the two platforms some kind of "exclusive". Here's a few examples:

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Smoovekid1960d ago

Exactly, like saying Titanfall is a Microsoft exclusive. It is not exclusive to Xbox one because it is on PC.

TekoIie1960d ago

Care to clarify that for all the Indie games Sony's focusing on?

Smoovekid1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

No one is saying they are exclusive, all M$ talks about is Titanfall but you can get it on PC.

Care to explain why M$ hates indie games?

TekoIie1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

"Care to explain why M$ hates indie games?"

If by hate you mean the company which made a market for them on Consoles then sure they hate them with a passion.

Sony's move to "loving" indies (I assume thats how you would put it) is called business as was MS's back during the 360's early life and it won them a lot of points. Games like Castle Crashers and Braid really put the 360 on the map for Indies.

Sony want in on that market. Why? Because Sony is clearly a company which has strong moral values and really just wants to give Indies and place where people can play their-..... Actually I could say that in one word: money.

HammadTheBeast1960d ago

Well, even if we remove all the indies, we can still safely say that Sony undeniably has the better games.

The Last of Us. Come on.

Not to mention it will have 20 first party titles in the first year.

TekoIie1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

"Well, even if we remove all the indies, we can still safely say that Sony undeniably has the better games."

Depends on what we're talking. Ps3/360 then PS3 absolutely takes it. The last of us is near perfect and I dont think that there's much that can really top it this year. Rome 2 is really the only game I can think of might top it although it has no chance of GOTY.

PS4/Xbox1 launch titles really vary. Both have a very different selection. Sony has thrown KZ in since shooters always get attention and MS is surely hoping DR3 will get attention since zombies are "in" right now.

It should be interesting since Sony have the variety most are used to this gen. MS on the other hand seem to have played it safe. Saving big budget titles for 2014 and when the console has a larger community which questions how much faith they even have in their product.

"Not to mention it will have 20 first party titles in the first year."

Quantity does not equal quality. Do you think if MS released something along the lines of 5-8 AAA games this year they would compete with TLOU? Nooope. it would be fun to play them all! But they might be overshadowed by something thats in a completely different league.

creatchee1960d ago

I understand Microsoft wanting to limit the amount of indies on their service, but as usual, they do it in the least sensible ways. However, just looking at the indie "problem", there are waaaaaay too many clones, ripoffs, and barely functional games on the indie marketplace. It's hard to find the truly good ones that maybe don't get the attention that they deserve because you have to wade through a bunch of other crappy games to get to them. It's not as bad as The App Store on iOS, but it's in the vicinity of it.

But Microsoft's initial method of requiring a publisher defeated the purpose of being "indie" in the first place. Surely, a better solution could have been arrived at first before it came to that.

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carreirabr1960d ago

By PC you mean a Windows Machine, of course. There won't be any Mac or Linux port any time soon, or ever.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1960d ago

carreirabr you havnt a clue what your talking about but thats ok cause your probably around 14 so i wont be too hard on you, anyway I DONT NEED AN XBOX ONE TO PLAY TITANFALL becuase its on the Pc BUT i dont care for the game anyway its just a cod clone and i wont even pirate it and certainly wont use games for windows if thats the only crap its on.

HammadTheBeast1960d ago

You can get windows on mac. OSX is what you mean.

kreate1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

It just depends on the individual's definition of exclusive.

Xbox fanboys have their own definition as well as everyone else.

If pc is Microsoft exclusive, than Microsoft already won their war of owning the living room. Most of everyone has a pc with a windows os on it.

Mine as well say Microsoft has a few billion houses of install base. But Microsoft continuously want a physical console on the market cuz its a different platform.

Ps3 can run windows xp.
Psp can run windows 95.
I could run old retro games on the pc.

Now the arguement keeps getting more complicated....

Foxgod1960d ago

As long as you use windows, you paid licenses to MS, and others will have to pay licenses to MS to put games on that OS.

No matter how you look at it, you wont get around MS, unless you go for a different OS completely.

Heck, if Sony would put Windows on the Ps4, then ps4 developers would have to pay license fee's to MS in order to put their games on the ps4.

So its no wonder that Sony uses Linux/Unix instead.

aquamala1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )


NO, you don't need to pay MS to put a game on Windows. I can write a program/game, have it run on my PC/Windows, I can give that to someone else, they can run it on their PC, there's no license fee, it's not a walled garden like iOS or consoles!

kreate1960d ago

well im not a hater so i dont mind saying its a microsoft exclusive if that makes people feel better.

microsoft exclusive works for me. i have a gaming pc plus a xbox360 so.

looking at this pattern, the best gaming setup is to buy a ps4 and upgrade ur pc to a gaming pc. that way u can play all the games without paying $500 xbox one.

MariaHelFutura1960d ago

It is not exclusive to Xbox one because it is on the 360 and the PC. Clowd magick is what is exclusive to the Xbox One.

GiggMan1960d ago


1. Excluding or tending to exclude: .
2. Not allowing something else; incompatible:
3. Not divided or shared with others <--------

The key is NUMBER 3. (I really don't care either way just thought I"d put the definition out there)

Off topic a little... Speaking of Titanfall, I'm kind of getting the impression that Microsoft is forcing this title on people. I mean it looks good and all but MS tends to direct all attention to that one title. Dare I say even more than Call of Duty?!?

(Maybe it's just me)

Foxgod1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

So, what other OS does it run on, besides Windows?

its not MS that focusses all attention on it, its the Media that does that.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1960d ago

@foxgod .. just shut up you assume everyone here paid for windows.. i like MANY MANY other people have a pirated version of windows and i can play titanfall and MS wont get A PENNY FROM ME , wake up if you think all of us have genuine windows lmao.

Simon_Brezhnev1960d ago

Surprise he didnt do a video on this instead.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1960d ago

Exactly Smoovekid you DONT NEED an xbox one to play it , you could buy a 300$ pc that could easily play it.

YNWA961960d ago

This, granted was a good read, but merely to show how far some people will go, just because they do not like something/someone... really go get a life and move on... you really went to such effort to only prove you have nothing better to do??

brich2331960d ago

It is a Microsoft exclusive if Microsoft is going to publish it. Im not sure if they are though. I know they are Publishing Capcoms Dead Rising 3 for sure.

Smoovekid1960d ago

Microsoft does not own PC.

ATi_Elite1960d ago

The difference is

Xbox = Your a slave to Microsoft. No if's ands or buts about it plus you gotta PAY to play online (How stupid is that.....PS4 gonna have that CRAP too)

PC = You are a FREEMAN. Free to Game how you want to, FREE to game online, and very soon FREE to game without a Microsoft Operating System.

(well you kinda can already game without a MS OS but it's a pain in the arse)

So as a PC Gamer I answer and Fanboy to NO ONE! If AMD or Nvidia is better that's who I go with and currently Intel is too dominate so I'm going with them but if AMD CPU's show promise then I'll switch.

I only want the best Hardware for my PC which is why most parts are Corsair!

brich2331960d ago

Xbox360, Xbox One, Windows 7 and Windows 8 are all made by Microsoft, hence a Microsoft exclusive. Although it might be timed since EA prolly own the rights to the game.

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Foxgod1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Sorry, but this article is bull.
MS does profit from game development, what do you think games are written in?
Exactl C++, where do you get the license, exactly MS.
Then theres a license to use direct-x, who owns that, exactly, MS.

Even if you use an engine from a third party, the creator of that engine had to write it in C++, and thus needs to license.
If you put something on Windows, no matter what it is, you need to buy additional MS licenses, and theres is countless of them.
Getting your game related drivers officially verified for windows, MS check, hosting game developemt tools and resources on servers, MS check, running a development domain for your game studio, MS check.

A game studio is no different from any other software development studio or regular office to work at.
Only way to get around that is by developing your game exclusively for Linux.
Then your game will come out on PC, but bypasses all the windows licenses you might need.

thatamike1960d ago

I'm sure everyone knows this, but it's not what he meant. Soooo.. Yea

Foxgod1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Then why does this article claim the opposite of what i wrote?
Pc games market is a free market he said, MS cant force you to use licenses he said, yeah right.

You cant even develop for windows without paying licenses.
Unless you pirate Visual studio and other requirement for putting a game out.

You are very very Wrong.
Do you really think that the consumer business is what MS earns their money at?
Thats like 20% at best.

Selling licenses to use and develop on windows, as well as selling the OS for desktop and server usage is what MS earns most their money on.

If MS relied on consumers they would have been bankrupt by now.

Kleptic1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

but you clearly know nothing of 'windows licensing'...because you're directly comparing it with the closed console licensing system... pay for a single license, which costs depending on your needs, but its an up front one time situation. and pay for some trademark licenses to use a windows logo on the retail box (if you chose to do that)...thats it...updating or changing your software is entirely on your own end...after the initial license, you'll never hear from MS again. pay for a development sku, a software license, royalties for every peice of software used, and systematically lose control of your software. Updates costs 10s of thousands of dollars, and are only pushed through at predetermined times...etc...

MS makes next to zero money on Windows development...that has never been the business strategy (that is what Apple tried, and it still barely works)...MS makes their money simply by selling windows to consumers...not to developers...

They share the same policy with hardware manufacturers...they make it easy for various different hardware architectures to work with their consumers the choice of all kinds of different hardware to buy, but all of which will work with their OS...

OEM sales is where they rake it in...not buying a PC game, you're barely giving anything to MS...but by buying a new windows based PC...they get a huge chunk of that...

Why do you think MS is even around? If developing for windows was anything like developing for a console...there wouldn't be any MS anymore...the only thing they got right was a lot of development support...its not like people really love windows, its that it has the support from the developers...which keeps everyone buying PC's that use it...its a night and day difference from a closed system like Apple, Xbox, Playstation, etc...if anything, Android is what follows Window's policies more than any other OS...

aquamala1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Microsoft owns C++ now? I can compile a C++ program right now, I'm supposed to pay a license fee to MS? lol. clearly you have no clue what you're saying.

paying for Visual Studios or Windows is a one-time cost, there's no license fee per game or program. you don't get it.

Corpser1960d ago

PC is an open platform, other than the cost of Windows theirs NO other licensing costs, you don't have to use visual studios to write a program on windows, and C++ is an open standard, MS doesn't own it. Geez I really have to explain this to someone?

JOHN_DOH1960d ago

I think anyone can write software for windows. You don't have to put it on microsoft's app store. Directx SDK is free. C++ is open source? Nvidia or AMD handle graphics drivers. You don't need to host files on Microsoft servers. You can even make a game in openGL on windows. Think about it, GFWL is one of the most unpopular game clients on windows. Alan wake, an xbox exclusive published by microsoft was self published by Remedy on PC. (It was originally a PC title, then Microsoft paid Remedy to put it on xbox and blocked a PC release) If Microsoft were able to control pc gaming, maybe xbox wouldn't even be around. (They failed trying to charge people for multiplayer games on pc)

thatamike1960d ago

Your right, but it's not like the Developer has to purchase that license over and over and over again. They profit from the initial purchase, again just like windows, after that what the developers make with those licenses Microsoft does not profit from. The purpose of the article is to explain why if your a PC gamer it doesn't make you a microsoft or xbox supporter.

Gamerchik871960d ago

The guy that wrote this is a joke!! He is the biggest sony fanboy and he makes videos for the only purpose to troll hard. The way he acts talks looks its hard to take this guy seriously. I just laugh everyrime he speaks

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IcicleTrepan1960d ago

Ah yes, a completely unbiased article. /s

Roper3161960d ago

as long as the same scumbag company MS is behind everything it will all be the same lies, BS behind smoke & mirror presentations.

I didn't choose not support Xbox brand anymore because of the Xbox name but the company behind the name who is a untrustworthy government lapdog.

2cents1960d ago

Why do MS fanboys need to know? To who's benefit has this article been written for?
Sounds to me like this is just another article to justify the fan-boyish behaviour that is projected from camp Sony. Trying to take even more from MS and the Xbox followers. "its not an exclusive if it on PC aswell" then the same old answer, "yeah but its not on Playstation so its exclusive on consoles," then "yeah but the last of us is amazing" etc...Yawn.

Everyone who isn't getting an xbox one, (almost everyone on this site) shouldn't really be concerned with what MS are doing. Considering that the vast majority are already claiming victory with the PS4: 50% more powerful, Indie friendly, no integrated camera or motion controls, GDDR5 etc etc... If people are that sure that the PS4 is a clear winner even before the consoles have launched then why is there so much jealousy and anger when there is any new information regarding the xbox one?

There is no letup on how amazing Sony is, or how greatness awaits, or 4<1. There are so many posts and comments that are constantly rinsed and repeated. This blind faith only brings out stupidity.

Most people only attack out of fear, panic or when being threatened, so with that in mind im pretty sure that many of the aggressive and bias posters are actually quite worried that the xbox one is actually going to be a pretty awesome entertainment hub. far more than just a games console, potentially more feature rich and 'entertaining' than the the PS4.

One one side you have Games, on the other side you have Everything.
Hmmm... maybe the age old saying "it only does everything" needs to be moved over to camp MS.

I smell fear.

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