Next-Gen Titles Will Deliver Something Special

It happened with movies, now it’s beginning to transcend to games. Photo-Realism has been giving us experiences unlike any other in TV and Movies, now be prepared to be taken away to worlds that look so real you simply can’t believe your playing it.

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Donnieboi1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

How about something more than just graphics?

How about MMO's and RTS games on consoles

How about giving us head-tracking and eye-tracking for hardcore games on consoles using the camera's (pc has enjoyed this in their fps, racing and flight games)

How about reviving under-represented genre's like JRPG's, platformers, and stealth instead of sports and FPS shooters.

Graphics can be nice, but every new generation the graphics of the previous gen become obsolete. So we see past the shallow imagery, and only notice the games that have actually quality, gameplay-wise.

360ICE1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

And how about giving us another chapter of Angry Birds? Preferably with some sort of licensing. LEGO Angry Birds would be cool. Maybe LEGO Angry Birds meets Batman. Or DC Universe Angry birds VS Marvel Universe Angry Birds. Like a free to play MMO where you can buy extra Angry Birds stuff and dress up as Spider-Man. Or Batman, depending on your allegiance. Then they'd have to unite against the bigger threat, those green pigs. Or maybe the green pigs could be DC and the Angry Birds could be Marvel? Or vice versa? So many tough design choices to make here.

Donnieboi1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

You bumped your head, or something?

Tommykrem1960d ago

DC/Marvel themed Angry Birds MMO would be insane. You could have sieges with Spider-Man and Superman-looking birds. I'm thinking DC and Marvel would be rivals, not enemies. So then they could have friendly fights, and try to best each other, while still having to unite against the bigger threat that is the green pigs. AND: Pigs are green. Kryptonite is green. Just saying.

360ICE1960d ago

We need to get together and make this shit happen. Fast.

mydyingparadiselost1960d ago

All the CG in movies hasn't made them any better over the last 6-7 years why should improved graphics make games any better? Don't get me wrong, I like pretty graphics but if the gameplay, story and play mechanics don't match up it doesn't really amount to much. I need to see the way games are played take a leap forward more than graphics and so far outside of the Kinect (if it works this time) I'm not seeing the much needed revolution here. Maybe the Occulus Rift can help bring some of those changes about...