DICE Multiplayer Producer Talks Dynamic Maps, Networking, Current and Next-Gen and More - AusGamers

AusGamers spoke with Battlefield 4's Multiplayer Producer, Aleksander Grøndal, who ran them through details on the new dynamic map features, both large and small, as well as networking on PC and next-gen console, player numbers across PC, next-gen and current gen and much more.

From the interview:

"The same thing goes for smaller things that we have. If there’s a parked car, and you bump into it, the car alarm might go off. Or when there’s a fire, the sprinklers in the roof might turn on, then there’s water around you, and you get camera effects based on that. If you shoot a fire extinguisher, that creates a temporary smoke cloud. All of these small things allow you to use the environment to your advantage. So it’s a toolbox, and you can do what you want with them, but our goal is to get the feeling that it’s a more dynamic environment."

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i wanna see someones point of view inside the building when its falling lol

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There's actually a video on YouTube, but I think it was just glitching the hell out since it's still in Alpha. Might have been lvlcap's channel.

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