Kingdom Hearts 1 or 2?

Both KH games are spectacular and marvelous in their own right, but which is better, Kingdom Hearts 1 or 2?

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Snookies121934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

I say 2, only because trying to go back and play 1 with its controls today is horrid lol. Thank goodness that'll be fixed when 1.5 HD releases!

I also loved the Organization. Found them to be really awesome and quite intriguing.

denisx041934d ago

The original started it all, no question kh1.

Mr_Nuts1934d ago

KH2...with a more mature Sora it seemed better in my opinion. I think it's because Haley Joel Osment voice must of broke during the gap of the two games. It made it so it didn't sound as cheesy as it came off

Looking at the pic, why havent we had the option to buy a replica Keyblade. Square Enix loves money but they wouldn't set up a store to sell replicas of FF/KH weapons.

TheOxygenic1934d ago

Oh how I'd love, love, love a replica keyblade!

You should check out this video where a blacksmith actually makes one:

FullmetalAlchemist1934d ago

I'm doing a play through of KH1 right now on pcsx2 emulator, with some HD settings tweaked to it and it looks absolutely beautiful! Here's a comparison video I found showing how good this looks. Hopefully this holds me over until 1.5 remix comes out.

versusALL1934d ago

That's a hard choice. I love KH1 for it's changeling gameplay but on the other hand KH2 seemed more fun.

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