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GameInformer: "Looking back on it, BlazBlue could have been a risky venture for publisher Aksys Games. Was there a market for a new fighting game that was so entrenched in story that it played out like an anime episode?

The answer is yes. Since Aksys first published BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger on consoles, the company has gone on to release follow-ups with Continuum Shift. Two updated versions Continuum Shift II and Continuum Shift Extend also brought the franchise to handheld devices. Now Aksys is bringing us the third entry in the BlazBlue arc, entitled Chrono Phantasma for the PlayStation 3. We were able to sit down with producer Toshimichi Mori to find out more about Chrono Phantasma."

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Snookies121933d ago

Same here my man, same here... Gonna rock Haku once again. I'm lucky enough to have a friend who is AMAZING at the game help me practice all the time. So that's definitely paid off. Blazblue is so technical, it's a bit overwhelming at times. Even after all the experience I've gained since Calamity Trigger.

I just love the fact that no matter how good you are, you can always get better. Either by changing up your timing, or devising new combos. I'd certainly say it's my favorite fighting game to date. (This coming from someone who owns just about every fighter this generation has offered.)

DivineAssault 1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Ya.. Its difficult to master.. Those instant kills can be pulled off at times (mostly on noobs) but i rush ppl most of the time all the way through & dont usually do them.. I must say that i love Guilty Gear just as much though.. I just wish it was widescreen & HD like this is

Inception1933d ago

I will play my waifu Noel >:D And try some new characters. They looks interesting.

Hicken1933d ago

Get in line: the only reason I even pre-ordered the first BlazBlue is because of Noel. You can have her after we divorce.

It'll never happen, by the way.

Anyway, I'm super looking forward to Chrono Phantasma. This series singlehandedly kindled my love for fighting games. I own every version except the DS one.

Speaking of, I need to get P4G back, as that game is also awesome.

Also, anybody got word on the exclusive fighter they were said to be working on?

Inception1932d ago

Heyyy, that's my line Hicken! Find another girl like Makoto, Tsubaki, Litchi, or Platinum :P

I think Arcsys will unveiled their exclusive fighter in next year. They still busy with GG Xrd and Xblaze though.

Hicken1931d ago

I can't pick anybody else. I just.. can't. I love Noel so much I modeled my main character in DC Universe after her, name and all.

kenshiro1001933d ago

Nu and Mu for me. I'll have to wait until he comes to the states. If I had money, I would definitely import, like I imported Extend.

Apoca1ypse1933d ago

Why does this taking forever? I have been waiting since November actually even before that in August when the announced they where making a new one. *sniff* sometimes I just want to cry.

nick3091933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

It didnt even release in japan yet. (PS3 Ver)

Apoca1ypse1933d ago

I know I hoped you could understand that I keep up with the news. Although the console version is not out there are arcade versions out since November. The only problem is you can't play Terumi or Kagura yet. Those two out of tge six bew characters are console only. You can find videos of high level of gameplay which is why I so friggen pumped but you'll be hard pressed to find a hd video unfortunately.

NukeDaHippies1933d ago

Till i played blazblue i didn't think much of fighters. Now cusa it i'v played guilty gear and the persona/shin megami tensei series + arena, all thanks to blazblue.

In short i love this game and can't wait till chrono phantasma. Makoto ftw.