With the Next Generation Right Around the Corner, I Just Bought a Playstation 3

The next generation is right around the corner, but a dedicated Xbox 360 gamer decides to spend his money on a Playstation 3 instead.

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dedicatedtogamers2121d ago

Better late than never. PS3 has a massive backlog of exclusives, and there are still more games on the horizon.

AznGaara2121d ago

MGS4 and a lot of good RPGs if you're into that.

elhebbo162121d ago

I'm sure theres a bigger variety of PS3 exclusives lol.

Kevin ButIer2121d ago

The white GOW limited edition is so cheap now that i'm starting to feel the temptation... my ps3 fatboy needs a rest lol

wastedcells2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

TLOU just came out, Beyond, Grand turismo, Rain and Puppeteer are out in a couple months. Still lots of new reasons to buy a PS3 if you haven't yet. Plus the back catalog of exclusives makes it an easy choice.

Inception2121d ago

I still have back catalog that i must play like Siren, Folklore, 3D Dot Game Heroes, or inFamous 2. But then, next month we will got Dragon's Crown, Tales of Xillia, and Killer is Dead. Darn, what a busy year for PS3 owner >.<

piroh2121d ago

3D Dot Game is a great game trust me. i just beat NiNoKuni and TLOU, focusing on NiNoKuni sollosseum, TLOU new game+ and waiting on Tales of Xillia

badz1492121d ago

now is THE time to have a PS3! add PS+ to that and you will have your gaming need served for long as you PS+ subscription allow? not a bad deal...uh oh...don't EVER skip TLoU!

Saints942121d ago

I'm in the same boat but more like "buying a PS+ card" since I actually had it since the first year it came out but didn't use it as my main.

jc485732121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

I did the opposite years ago. I bought the new 360 S model fairly cheap (less than 100 dollars), then got a 250gb for around 50 dollars. Yea, you find all kinds of crazy deals at ebay when you least expected. Only managed to build a library of 10 360 games and maybe another 10 for xbox originals. I was very careful because I only bought 2 kind of games on the 360: 1. some exclusive games like Dead Rising and 'J'RPGs and 2. Multiplatform titles that performed better on the 360 (Bayonetta, Dead Rising 2, and Lost Planet Colonies). As you can see, for some gamers like me, we do not find a lot of games on the ps3 that are considered "inferior," so it doesn't really quite affect me. I own most my multiplatform titles on the ps3.

plaZeHD2121d ago

Multiplats(most) only my Xbox 360 250GB slim
Exclusives on my Playstation 3 320GB slim

Lovable2121d ago

I knew it, he bought the PS3 for the Last of US being the main reason. Lmao the game is so good

creatchee2121d ago

I know all about buying a console for one game (at least at first). I got my PS3 specifically for Metal Gear Solid 4. Obviously, that isn't the only game I've bought since then, but it was the major selling point for me, as I already had a 360 at the time.

Same thing happened previous gen - got an original Xbox for Halo 2, despite already having a PS2. I loved the online of LIVE so much that I got the 360 near launch.

Sometimes it only takes one game to get you into owning multiple consoles :)

blanket142121d ago

lol that you got dissagrees the last of us is a game that will forever change the way you fwek about a game it is revolutionary on emotion I love that game In my ratong scale I give it about a 20 out of 10!

InTheLab2121d ago

"I’ve been through three Xbox 360s, having twice used Best Buy’s replacement warranty to replace units that decided they’d had enough of my shit and red ringed. The 360 has been good to me, "

Burned through 3 Xbox 360s but the 360 has been good to you? I just can't wrap my head around that...

mxrider21992121d ago

ya i lols so hard at that i was like you burned through 3 lols shouldnt it have stopped after the first one

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