The Future of The Last of Us: Where Can It Improve?

So The Last of Us is finally here and it seems like everyone is pretty damn impressed. Reviews are very positive and the game is currently the highest rated release of the year so far according to Metacritic. It also seems to be selling incredibly well and looks like it may end up as the best selling PS3 exclusive behind Gran Turismo 5. This undoubtedly means we will get a sequel on the Playstation 4, but after such a strong first offering, how can Naughty Dog improve? Here a few suggestions.

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evenstar1936d ago

The first thing that I feel I must point out is that I am not a stealth player generally speaking, I don't sneak around when I am playing so I wasn't extremely interested in this game from the beginning. That being said, I feel that this is one of the best games that I have played on this console. I played through on Easy first and when I beat that, I am playing through on hard.. this brings me to the first point I have with this article, Exactly what difficulty did you play it on? If the checkpoint system wasn't set up like it is there is an extremely good chance that I wouldn't have liked this game as much as I do.. I would have rage quit the 4th time I had to restart an entire encounter, and there have been several times this play through that I've died upwards of ten times on one encounter.. The checkpoint system doesn't make it any easier and I was still calculating as to how I was going to handle the situation even knowing that I would restart at roughly the same point.. Don't like the listen mode? TURN IT OFF!! It's in the options menu.. and no, I don't need enemies that are faster or more intelligent than a Bloater.. haven't managed to kill one on this difficulty yet.. I just distract them and run (and by the way, that is not how I normally play, I am a direct player who doesn't like to leave any enemies behind me still capable of drawing breath.) What are these 'gun battles' that you speak of? Yes, there are times when using your gun is your LAST OPTION but I don't think that defines as gun battles.. I snuck my way through the end level just fine.. only had to use my gun a couple of times, Try it on a harder level... may I suggest Survivor, as you cannot use the listen mode in that difficulty.

fenome1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )


This is true, I wasn't even sure if you were gonna pick up on a controller on this game because I know you hate stealth games, but after watching me play for like 2 days straight and walking outta the room at the end because you wanted to start your own game and experience it yourself really says something. Now you're almost done with your second play-through, couldn't be more proud.

Now they just need to find a way to incorporate co-op so we can play together!! lol

Ezz20131935d ago

why didn't you disable it from the option menu before you even start your playthrough ?!

you don't need survival mode to disable it
you know that right ?!

fenome1932d ago

uh, that's exactly what she told the reviewer to do....