Darkspore’s woes foretell a grim future for SimCity and ‘cloud’ gaming

IncGamers' Peter Parrish takes a look at the sad state of EA's Darkspore and wonders if this DRM-heavy Maxis title offers a preview of SimCity's ultimate fate.

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allgamespc20122032d ago

good job EA. disgusting, this is why i am boycotting fifa 14 this year and bf4.

SideShort2032d ago

Yeah right, you're buying BF4.

allgamespc20122031d ago

nah not a fan of fps, so bf4 has nothing speciaal

Fireseed2032d ago

Wait Darkspore has issues?!?! When did this ever happen? Was it after the game was essentially a mod of an already shitty game? No? Or how about it was the studios first real attempt at a game of this genre after being kept in the dark during development about what the publisher wanted? No. Yeah it was deffinetly the cloud service that failed... not everything else around it.

allgamespc20122032d ago

yes but belive it or not the idea was somewhat popular amongst gamers and up to this day i sitll get asked about darkspore on my gaming page.

fact is, simcity is shit as well and always on failed. diablo 3 is crap as well and always on failed. the always online is a problem when you dont do it right. most dont mind it if its well implemented, but to have the game on the store when its not even working its just lying to your customers and unacceptable. why did steam remove it and origin didnt? its BS on EAs part

Fireseed2032d ago

Oh yeah EA has done plenty of shitty things with it's Origin. Hell once I bought the Battlefield "Complete Collection"... only to find out it was JUST the DLC but thankfully they refunded it.

And in terms of always online, it's not inherently wrong but you need to give your customers reasons why. I mean theirs no real reason SimCity has to be always online, and while Diablo 3 had a good reason to be always online (to make sure you weren't creating illegal items offline and taint the auction house) but now that we know the action house is a big steaming pile of shit we know it shouldn't have been always online.

But were approaching an age of games where being always online is just going to be a thing you're going to have to deal with. For example Titanfall is a multiplayer only shooter... to ask for an offline mode is to ask for a WoW offline mode. But games that have no real rhyme or reason to be online, shouldn't.

P.S. Both SimCity and Diablo 3 are great games :P Just because they have bad policies from the publisher doesn't mean they're not fun.

syrinx2032d ago

I couldn't even get Darkspore to load when I installed it. I just gave up.

DragonKnight2032d ago

Didn't you know that we asked for always online? That always online is the future and we'll be dragged to it kicking and screaming? That choice and freedom are so last gen? I mean, we don't know what we like, we have to be told what we like. That's why EA does this.

mydyingparadiselost2032d ago

I think what is most troubling about all this is the lack of refunds. Company makes a broken product, can't or won't support it but the money stil goes to the company.

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