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At its core The Last of Us is a game about survival, in particular, surviving a post-pandemic United States that has been overran with an infection that turns humans into zombies, and left the survivors to contend for themselves in a world without laws that is full of rabid flesh eating infected, as well as seedy non-infected survivors. This may sound like a video game formula that you’ve played multiple times over, but it’s not at all. The Last of Us shouldn’t be dismissed as just another zombie game, because it is more about surviving the dark nature inherent in all humans, and the bonds that form between companions in a desperate situation, rather than blasting through hordes of the undead like the hero in a George A. Romero movie.

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DigitalRaptor1936d ago

The single player DLC has me very excited, but I hope it's not too short.

trancefreak1936d ago

Love this game just started a second play through while taking my time. Well still getting butt kicked as well and there is no shame to that ;)

karl1936d ago

and the tens just wont stop =P

u gotta love this game