What's Next for World of Warcraft?

GameDynamo - "World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria was an extremely solid expansion if not one of the game's best expansions, but with so many other options out there, the game and its community definitely need a little "oomph" in order to continue doing well."

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o-Sunny-o1987d ago

Yup debut on PS4 that is next.

Kos-Mos1987d ago

With resolutions not higher than 1080, I think not.

Jyndal1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

I still play WoW....on private servers. I get all the WoW I need from Excalibur WoW and Molten WoW, BC and WotLK servers respectively.
Once Cataclysm released, WoW was firmly in the MMO graveyard imo.

Neixus1987d ago

It's still the best mmo round imo, they're adding new patches each 2 month with lots of content.
Plus in 5.4 they're finally making arenas avaiable across all realms and battlegroups :)

Jyndal1987d ago

With the drop in population, and players migrating to higher pop servers, it only seems right that Blizz allow cross-battle group arenas.

I'm just wondering when we'll start hearing about server merges. Usually a sign that the end is near.

ExPresident1987d ago

I'm sure Blizzard is well in development of another MMO and will announce it when they are ready. Nothing ever comes fast with Blizzard.

jukins1987d ago

they've actually scrapped what they had developed this far with the new mmo titan and started from scratch.