Releases like The Last of Us Invalidate Games as Methods of Stress Relief

Hardcore Gamer: It’s nice that games are being taken much more seriously by the mainstream media and other non-gamers, but let’s not forget the joy of simply playing a game to blow off some steam.

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ChozenWoan1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

I actually enjoyed the hypertension this game induces... made me appreciate my real life a lot more each time I took a break. lol!

Yet the game is so compelling that you can't stop playing it till you reach the end. To do so feels like you'd be forever stuck in a world with clickers and stalkers. Which as much as everyone would like to think they would be the one to survive in such a world, I learned that I might not, as many times as one mistake lead me to becoming clicker feed.

In the end I did feel very relieved and de-stressed... now it's time for the multiplayer.

LackTrue4K1987d ago

a agree with the article,

on the other hand, there was games that made me stress out a lot!!! COD AND THERE WEAK/CHEATING A55 CAMPERS ON SPAWN POINTS!!! (i ended up hatting that game)

now...i try to avoid games that gave me stress.

GenericNameHere1987d ago

The game on Survivor p!ssed me off in some areas, but overall was pretty fun and intense trying to find ways to beat an area with the least amount of health and ammo lost. Also, was just fun and relaxing blowing off everyone's heads :D

What really made me angry the most on the game is multiplayer, when I don't get enough cans, or don't get the necessary amounts of mission objectives finished. 100% Risk?? NOOO!! (Never happened to me yet, but my friend did have to reset once when he got it starting week 6)

rezzah1987d ago

Journey is another game that may relieve stress.

HammadTheBeast1987d ago

This is exactly the kind of thinking that has games as a sub par medium to other entertainment industries.

I don't watch Looper or Game of Thrones to get stress relief, I watch them because they're great and engaging stories.

Videogames don't have to be "good" or "fun" to be seen that way, it has to go beyond that.

2pacalypsenow1987d ago

The definition of Un-Stress release in games is COD

sashimi1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Generalizing games i see...Do all games have to fall under the same umbrella? Same can be said of every entertainment media out there -_-

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