The Last of Us and How it Defines its Genre

WARNING: This editorial contains some spoilers.

As the hype for The Last of Us dies down, RadioPlaystation's Acdramon takes a look at what makes the game such a genre defining experience.

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lnvisibleMan1933d ago

You know when you finish a fantastic book and you pause for a moment reflecting on the entire experience. Completely blown aware by the experience at hand. That exactly how I felt after completing the last of us.

acdramon1933d ago

Exactly. I've never experienced such a shocking and raw emotional experience in a long time.

creatchee1933d ago

The thing about The Last of Us is that it isn't's genre-defying. Calling it simply a survival horror, stealth, shooter, drama, or any other descriptor of genre is not encompassing enough to describe it.

What makes the game so good is that it excels at dipping its toes into all of the different pools that it dips its toes into. Mashups and crossovers are nothing new, but few reach the lofty heights that TLOU does. Hell - few even work on the most basics levels let alone throughout an entire game.

That's what makes TLOU special - not so much in breaking new ground, but by treading all sorts of previously trodden ground SO DAMNED WELL. To call it one type of game and even saying it's the best example of that type of game is kinda missing the point.

Dunpeal1933d ago

3 playthroughs already

gonna give it a few days before i go back for both survivor modes

AznGaara1933d ago

In this gen where open world games and branching story lines grow more and more common, The Last of Us shows why linear story telling is still a powerful way to... Well... Story tell lol.